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cost for "new" second hand rocker head / cylinder

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyro_02, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Just wondering .. has anyone bought a good knick .. or even new??? cylinder head and /or rocker head.. for a honda cbx 250 '85 and how much was it? shock me now before I ring around lol... i'm guessing for them .. it's going to cost me my arms and legs..

    the cylinder bolt threads are 'threaded--gone' and i was doing the tappet cover (24m socket) after having a look at the tappet nut... and it screwed the nut that goes on the head(not tappet nut)... tighten with a breaker bar ... and thats probably the reason I didn't feel it getting tight... (should of used a ratchet he he)

  2. man, is that english?

    Have you stripped a stud out of your cylinder head or have you stripped a bolt out of your engine?

    either way there are a couple of options. There is a liquid fix you can get that you put into threaded holes. It's called "good as steel" or something. It's a two part epoxy or similar.

    I would try and use it for say a rocket cover thread.

    for more highly loaded threads like cylinder head studs/bolts or rocker studs you may be able to try a Helicoil. go to a workshop and ask, although I did notice them at Peps the other day.

    If you must buy a cylinder head try to find out if the head is the same as another bike. So a cbx250 my be the same as an early xr250 or cb250rs
  3. it is in English,

    well.. my bro was going to fix it .. using the 'tap and die set' on the cylinder head.. 'cause most bolt holes are damaged(threads)...... but now i gotta fix or replace the rocker head... because the tappet hole (which is 22mm?) is damaged 'cause I tighten the bolt too tight.. lol.

    the engine .. i was told is the same as an xr250 .. not 100% sure yet ..

    so i think it'll be more safe than sorry to get a good condition cylinder head & rocker head... instead of trying to fix them

    the cylinder head has already had the tap and die set on it... so walls could be too thin too... probably.
  4. The price depends on a number of factors - how rare the bike is and how rare that particular part is... But mostly wreckers seem to pull a number out of their arse and try to guage your reaction. I've heard of wreckers trying to sell second hand parts for more than new. I'd price up the part new (you could be surprised) then at least you know what to go by. Then after he pulls his number from where the sun don't shine because his rocker cover is gold plated (in his own mind), casually ask if you get a free blowjob with that price.

    In a nutshell, do some research and try to bargain it down.
  5. Helicoil, or Thread insert as some call them is your friend
  6. started to take rocker head off & cylinder head ... will buy "new" ones early early next month.

    also...here the 'nuts' (22mm) that screw on the rocker head .. 4 of them

    in one of the pics you can see whats left of one of the nuts .. the shell around it just broke off in one piece (circle)