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Cost Double what I was quoted?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Simon1990, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys just a quick question,

    Called up the other day to get my bike serviced (18,000k Service) and was told would cost $200-$220.

    Went in today to pay and was nearly double that $380.
    They changed my front brake and the labour all up was $250.(guessing in the original quote they hadnt accounted for the brake?)

    Little bit annoyed as money is tight and was expecting $200..

    Anyway, so minor service and front Brake really $250 in labour?
    I didnt want to argue as Im bad with confrontation over this sort of stuff but is there a valid point for me to argue or does that sound like a resonable price?

    Sorry if the post sounds like im whinging, just as I mentioned money is really tight for me ATM as on traineeship wages..
  2. Did they call you to tell you the brakes needed to be done and the cost as well? This is what usually happens when I get my car serviced, they'll call me up and tell me what else is needed and the extra cost for that
  3. Nope, no phone call.

    Thats why I was so shocked when they told me the price when I went in to pay.
    There were other customers in there so didnt really want to say anything plus Iv been there a few times so didn't want to cause any dramas..

    Any one know if that price sounds right for labour to do a front Brake tho? surely not?
    Just a few people in the office said I should have argued or at least call up tomorrow and say something..?
  4. Was this Stevos?
  5. Was it just the front brake pads, or the pads and rotor?

    Pads alone shouldn't take any more than 30 minutes, so $200+ in labour just for that would be ridiculous.
  6. $250 labour is 1.5-2 hours. Probably about right.
    Should have called you though. And if it ever happens dont let a mechanic say 'we cant let you leave with it in this condition!' They may be right in that its bad condition... but they cant stop you taking your property - as long as the bill is settled to that point.
    Had one try that with me with my cage :p. There was a problem but it was my next stop. Tried to charge me triple what the other mob quoted.
  7. On my List says just Kevlar Brake Pads $46.65. Was told was just the front tho.

    Na wasnt Stevos, Prefer not to say who it was, as dealt with them before and they have been great in the past.
    Picking up my bike tonight after work (after hours), so wont get to see them face to face, but think ill call tomorrow just to quiz them.
  8. Give them a call to let them know what happened and that you are not too happy about it. If you want, give them a scenario such as this: "If I didn't have the money, how would I pay for the service even though it wasn't asked to be done? I am out of a bike and you are out of money. Both lose" (sort of). They may get the hint and apologise. If they are pricks and only did it to make money, then don't bother taking it back to them.
  9. Yeah I would've expected a call at least.

    In comparison, when I swapped my cages pads on all 4 corners, cost me roughly $200 all up, which included the pads and labour.
  10. Haha wasnt even called and told they would need replacing,

    Im still happy with the place it got serviced at more or less quizing whether the labour seems right for what was done.

    Im guessing the original quote didnt take into account the front brake + labour to replace it but would have been nice to have been called.

    Thanks for the input guys, really apprectiate it
  11. The cost seems fair, but not informing you beforehand is bad form in my opinion.

    The time to tell them would be when you picked the bike up & before you had paid though, not a few days later ;)

    Next time speak up, you're not making a scene, you just want the extra charges you weren't informed about explained.
  12. Yeah I'll call tomorrow just to quiz, but your right, I'm lucky I had a credit card on me as I had the cash in my wallet for $250 which I thought would be plenty to pay and then had to dip into my account

    Once again thanks for the input guys, I'll call tomorrow and let you guys Know if any news :)
  13. Haha I know, TBH I miss heard him and thought he said $320 so I thought still more then I was quoted but not to bad I guess...
    Then got into the car looked at the page and was more ](*,)
  14. At least that price is about right (though other local sellers only charge $35).

    I'd definitely be querying why there was such a big jump in price over what they quoted though.
  15. Any bike is going to need money spent on it besides basic servicing, if you were contacted before touching the brake it would have been couteous, but would have needed doing anyway.

    If you were quoted $200-220 for the service including parts and labour then the labour component for the brakes is about $100. They haven't doubled the quote at all, additional work was undetaken and parts used. Sounds exactly like a whinge to me. If you don't like it take it somewhere else or learn to work on it yourself.
  16. Well now hang on, the work might have needed to be done, but it was never agreed to beforehand so they can't just go ahead and do it then bill for it.

    For all you know, the OP may have been willing/capable of doing the work, so a phone call saying "Hey, this needs to be done, would you like us to do it at a cost of $xxx?" is more than just a courtesy, it's pretty much obligatory.

    At the very least, they should at least allow you to pay it off rather than holding the bike to ransom.

    I'd offer to pay the originally-quoted price, plus maybe $50 on collection, with the rest to be paid within 30 days. Worth a shot.
  17. More like $115-135.
    Which sounds pretty steep, don't you think? Replace front brake pads on a bike with a single calliper up front takes about 10 minutes. Less if you're in a hurry. (Maybe they spent time bedding them for you?)
  18. Only took three posts... It's like they are the only ones to get stuff wrong ](*,)

  19. Well yes, it would have needed doing anyway, but at the time, if no money is available, what happens then?

    You rock up to the shop ready to pick it up, they charge you $160 more than what you thought and unlucky for you, you don't own a credit card and you only bought along enough money to pay for the quoted price and maybe dinner. You are now stuck at the shop with no motorcycle to ride home, owe the guy another hundred while hungry. So now you are a starving poor man walking home in motorcycle gear.


    The shop could have called, asked if you wanted the job done/bring it back another day (soon) and given the owner an option to leave it for a later day when money is available, or muster money together from wherever to pay for the extra service. Both parties happy.

    One courteous call can go a long way.

    Also, how can you take a motorcycle somewhere else if the work was already done without notifying the owner?
  20. I once went to a shop that didn't bother to call me about the work that was being done whether or not I asked for it. I didn't go back.
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