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Cost analysis (long term mantainance) CBR125R

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Donmotorcyclemaniac, Dec 19, 2015.

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    I am doing a 10 year/100,000km cost analysis of my my cbr125r which has 26,000km.

    Running costs are included below. Please help me by suggesting costs to consider.

    10 years or 100,000km

    Petrol........................ at 2.7L/100km = $3,804.30
    Greenslip........................ $105 per year = $1050.00 (10 years)
    Tyres........................ $230 per 23,000km = $1,000.00 (based on last tyre change).
    Pink Slip........................ $22.5 per year = $225.00 (10 years)

    Sprockets........................ $82.70 per 50,000km = $165.40
    Battery.......................$62.2 per 5 years = $124.4 (10 years)

    Oil........................ 0.7L per 8,000km = $93.22
    Chain........................ $14.99 per 25,000km = $59.96
    Brake pads........................ $24.44 per 50,000km = $48.88
    Coolant........................ 1L $13.55 every 5 years or 250,000km. = $27.10 (10 years)
    Spark plug........................ $16.95 per 100,000km = $16.95

    What other expenses I should include?
  2. Welcome to the forum, post an introduction thread in the Welcome Lounge when you get a chance it is the local custom and will help your account upgrade to Member status.

    Service intervals on this bike are every 4000k. Because it doesn't have an oil filter I would be changing oil at least that often. Air filter should be replaced every 16,000k. Check the service Interval advisory in your Owners Manual. The 2012 version is in the link below.

    CB125E Owners Manual (PDF)
  3. If you're looking at the running cost as a whole you might want to include insurance and should certainly include depreciation (which, for a 125 over 100,000 km will pretty much total the purchase price of the bike). I don't see oil or air filters in there either.

    You might also want to consider changing the oil rather more frequently than 8,000 km regardless of what the handbook might tell you, or, based on my (admittedly quite old) experience of weeny Hondas, you'll be astonishingly lucky to get to 100,000 km on the same engine, especially if Honda really are still not fitting a proper oil filter..
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  4. CBR125R.

    It has an oil filter, I cleaned it at 25,000km. I had a look at the air filter at 20,000km and it had no signs of wear and tear. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Is it a proper oil filter or just a mesh screen in the crankcase combined with a centrifugal thingy in the crankshaft end? That's what small Hondas always used to have and they don't do the job like a modern paper-element filter. Not even close. If that's what it's got I'd be changing the oil at intervals of not more than 3,000 km or saving up for a new cylinder head at around the 50,000 km mark.
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  6. Bikes generally have a disposable oil filter, the CB125E as part of the low ownership cost design criteria has a washable oil filter/strainer. Sorry I should have been clearer there.
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    I see, yes it has a cleanable mesh oil strainer not filter.

    Oil.................0.7L per 3000km = $248.58 (changed from 8,000km to 3,000km change interval)
    Air Filter.................$18.91 per 25,000km = $75.64
    CTP Insurance.............$536.39 per year = $5363.90 (I won't be getting insurance).

    Depreciation: I don't sell motorcycles and I have crashed mine so I'll use it until I write it off or chuck it. I bought it for $1700 with $80 transfer fee.

    Insurance: I just checked what Comprehensive motorcycle insurance costs. $536.39 or $5363.90 for 10 years. No insurance for me thanks.
  8. Get Third Party property insurance at least. If you make a mistake and collide with another vehicle the cost of repair of that vehicle is yours. You can afford to lose your vehicle, it is possible that the expense of damage to others would be a finaincial burden for years if not decades. I strongly suggest that you get that level of insurance.
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  9. TP insurance $135.73 = $1357.30 (this is actually more reasonable as I can afford this).

    $400 excess.

    I don't know if that is a good deal.

    To come out ahead with Third Part insurance I need to cause more than $1757.30 of damage in the next 10 years.

    What is the chance that I'll have an at fault motorcycle crash costing more than $1757.30 and survive? I have already run into a telegraph pole (raining at night) but I did not damage it.
  10. I just noticed you said you won't be getting insurance on your entry about CTP. I assumed you meant property insurance. CTP is medical insurance and is compulsory.
  11. A replacement bumper bar on a standard car is likely to cost you that much. Riding in a group, if you make a mistake and take another rider out your expenses are likely to be many times that. Third Party Property is worthwhile for your and those who ride with you's peace of mind.
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  12. Easy to rack up $1757 damaging other's property, or are you of the mindset that your bike is disposable and so is other people's property, its selfish and irresponsible not to have at least third party insurance
  13. Some good points, sorry I am new to insurance so it is a little confusing. The point about running into a motorcycle is a good one.

    Any more costs? Are there parts in the engine that usually need replacing in 100,000km?
  14. I'll be amazed if the engine even makes it to 100,000km or if you haven't gotten tired of it by then. I hope you do though. That would be something. I'd be looking at pretty frequent oil changes too, if you want that little engine to go the distance. Good luck! :)
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  15. A single cylinder won't last 100k without a rebuild lol.
  16. If your worried about how much it's going to cost you ... you better give up motorcycles now ;)
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  17. You would fall off your chair if I worked out how much it cost to run a gsxr for 10yrs :).
  18. And that's just the cleaning products! :)

    Pink/green slip but no rego?
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  19. Gloves, boots, helmets, farkles...
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    Hshahaha the cleaning products are extra mate ;).

    In Victoria we just pay rego each year... no green/pink slip needed.

    I just payed my rego for bike 642.50 :(