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Cosmetic update LIKE A BOSS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. So I decided my bike needed a cosmetic change, I went for the style of just slid down a road, I think it worked well.

    Back story - on the 19/11 my bike was backed into at the work car park and it was in the shop up until yesterday.

    I had the bike back for about 24 hours. On the way home it was raining, on the 3rd last corner from home I went around at about 50 km/h as the road looked dry but I wasn't to sure of it, as I rolled on the throttle the rear let go and I fish tailed about 4 times trying to get controlled again, then I was thrown off the bike and slid across the otherside of the road.
    I THINK the bike landed on the handbars then on to the left hand side (and my foot) and went for a slide with me.
    When it was over I tried to got up and noticed that my hand was stuck between the handlebar and the tank, so that was fun and i couldn't move the steering.
    From what I can remember from picking the bike up with the help of a lovely driver (hot female) and another driver helped me get the bike up with the puddle oil under it and roll it to the gutter.

    The rest is pretty routine, tow truck, ambo with hot paramedics, hosp to get checked out.











  2. Let me get this right your bike got backed in to at work 19/11 then you picked it up yesterday from shop and now you did a superman and bikes stuffed again? If so fek, bad luck and all the best man.
  3. That's it yep. The previous claim is still open to.
  4. Sorry to hear all that, hope your OK and everything can be easily sorted out with the bike. I was hoping see some photos of the hot driver and paramedics though.
  5. Shame. Its not the bike that needed the cosmetic upgrade.
  6. ahhh ya silly bugger
  7. I'd be staying indoors during thunderstorms in future, mate, that's just awful luck :shock:.
  8. Bummer mate, you all good?
  9. You are still here to tell us of the experience - which is the best outcome from this misfortunate series of events
  10. I'm a little bruised, arms, ankle and arse, but other then that good.
  11. Damn thats a shame :( it's a hot looking Kawk too....

    Glad you're ok.
  12. Really sorry to hear that! Just pure bad luck! I am to and having some, (car was backed into, dropped my bike and then crashed her). Seems a few others aren't having much fun atm either. Truly is the silly season after all! So I can Sympathize with you.

    Glad you came out not to damaged. After all that is all that's important. Hope you get it sorted quickly!
  13. Sorry to hear, I'd be devastated. Hope you can sort it out and get back in the saddle without too much fuss.
  14. man, that sucks..at least the battle scars are on the bike.
  15. man what is it with motorbikes and parking these days....

    talking to a mate yesterday and he said his bike got parked, then on they way home from work i had to go to the shop and twice while i was standing beside my bike cars tried to park on top of it.
  16. It's time to lay the ER6 to rest.

  17. so its back to a car for you geeth ?
  18. Need to discuss the future traveling arrangements with the minister for war and finance.