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Cosmetic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her face

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. By staff writers

    November 12, 2008 01:50pm
    Surgery addict Hang Mioku
    Before and after ... Hang Mioku, whose addiction to cosmetic surgery led her to inject oil into her face / Image supplied
    * Cosmetic surgery addiction goes too far
    * Injects cooking oil into face instead of silicone
    * Pictures: Plastic not so fantastic

    A WOMAN addicted to cosmetic surgery is unrecognisable after injecting cooking oil into her face.

    The Daily Telegraph in London reports Korean woman Hang Mioku, 48, had her first cosmetic surgery procedure at 28 and was hooked, moving to Japan for more.

    Eventually surgeons refused to carry out any more work and she returned home, where her face had changed so much her family didn’t recognise her.

    Ms Hang’s parents took her for treatment for her addiction, but it didn’t last. She soon found a doctor who would give her silicone injections and he even gave her a syringe and silicone so she could self-inject, the paper said.

    When her supply ran out, she used cooking oil.

    Her face became so large compared to her small body that local children called her “standing fanâ€, the newspaper reported.
  2. Well if you could eat her she would be ready marinated.
  3. So close to being a Darwin award........
  4. Well at least she's unlikely to get any dry skin problems
  5. I am not an animal, well does anyone else see the elephant man when looking at her! :shock:
  6. Elephant man was smart!
  7. is it on fail blog yet? :LOL:
  8. If you don't see the problem with injecting cooking oil into your face, you deserve what happens.....
  9. She should try to inject some fuel. :p

    It might take a while to get this joke...

    ... and then regret laughing at it cause its kinda crap.
  10. 220g of foreign material from her face & neck.

    Photos post surgery.

  11. Damn .. she didn't look too bad before. Silly biatch :roll:
    I guess She shouldve spoken to "Sol" ... "oils aint oils" :LOL: