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Corws Nest parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chrissieyeh, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. G'day all, does anyone know where I can park my bike around Corws Nest (Sydney) :?: such as designated (on street) motorcycle parking strip

    Thanks! :)

  2. Crows Nest? North Sydney Council? The second highest collector of parking infringement fines in the state?? lotsaluck :LOL:
  3. :cry:
    Thanks Paul... maybe I should train in and walk...
    or chuck it into parking facility...
  4. hey chrissie
    im assuming you mean crowsnest shops near the firestation? if so there are heaps of quite residential streets without timed parking around the area, closer than the station. but yeah hornets right, im in cammeray, and ive got 4 parking infringments for parking my bike and car outside my own house! north sydney council are pretty ruthless.

  5. I have a job interview in St Leonards tomorrow arvo at 3:30. Guess where the bike will be? Yup, home here in the garage, while I train it up and back.....
  6. Sorry can't help. I don't go the that suburb. Too dangerous compared to my suburb. :roll:
  7. :shock:
    Thanks IDLM - I am actually going to "Ernest Place", the nearest parking facility is 'Holtermann St Parking station' but I'd rather park it for free :roll:

    When I used to work in North Sydney, it was all right, couple of free parking spots. But St Leonards and crows Nest I guess are pretty bad at that aspect...

    Kanduli - did you really buy that ER6? what colour? Are you going ot the Ranch? I wannna see I wanna see :grin:
  8. There is on street designated motorcycle parking on the eastern side of Alexander street between Falcon Street and Ernest Street. It is next to an alfresco diner. Not much space ... maybe 10 - 15 feet.

  9. There is a bike parking strip just across from comm bank in crows nest ( might be same one steve says but i dont now the street names)
    I see alot of scooters in St Leoanrds getting away with parking on the grass strips near footpaths.

    but i park in the smoking sections of the waranda of my building , my leaking fuel tap puts em of i reckon.
  10. {pedantic git}in the name of all that's holy, please correct the typo in the thread title/starting post{/pedantic git}