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Cortech DSX Denim jeans review

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MADAZ_ROTARY, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Well my old pair of riding jeans (draggin camo's) were starting look rat house so i decided to go get some new ones.

    I decided to get some Cortech DSX jeans. A few of the selling points were:

    *The price $148 from the local dealer (probably cheaper online or from the states)
    *heavy denim (14Oz. i believe)
    *perforated leather panels (1.2-1.4mm thick) in the usual slide areas (arse-lower thigh and upper knee down to mid shin)
    *the leather is coverd with an antibacterial liner which makes them nice to wear
    *they come with CE knee armour that is inserted into pockets in the knees with velcro to fasten it in the desired position
    *they has 5 pockets for your wallet, phone etc
    *they are a reasonably lose cut so to be comfortable in the riding position but thet dont look baggy like you stepped out of the latest rap video
    *they look good enough to wear out to dinner or the pub/club if you need to ride somewhere and dont want to put on leathers
    *they also fit well over race boots which some riding pants dont

    Anyway i went for a day ride today and can say without a doubt they were a great purchase

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  3. They sound great.

    Was thinking about getting a pair as the price is good. How hot do they get, are they cooler than Draggins, the kevlar is really anoying. Have looked at the jackets a few times, wonder if they are good for Summer.
  4. Does anyone know who stocks Cortech Denim Jeans in Sydney
  5. now with a few hotter months of riding I can answer this.

    I find that they breathe better than my Draggins. They are more comfortable on the bike, fine around town, but a little heavier due to leather vs Kevlar. The Draggins are more comfy to walk around in
  6. Ha, something old new again eh? My mates used to do exactly that many years ago when full leathers were only worn by racers. Except they used to get the patches sewed on the outside of their Levi's so you could attract the admiring glances of your fellow riders :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Ive seen them at MCA parramatta but the last time i went out there they were all gone, you may be able to order them in if you ask nicely.
  8. Mat Mladin Imports (the importer & agent) in Sydney also sells em directly. I went to their office and currently theyre having a Sale too.
    They're in Smeaton Grange (near Oran Park).

    The DSX Jacket is $199.