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Corryong trip went well..........

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Ratbag, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Day 1

    8 people 7 bikes, 5 met at Peter Stevens Dandy , 2nd meet point Maccas Lillydale to pick up the other 3.
    We all headed to Healsville ( black Spur ) to start the trip on a high, the trip saw us pass through Alexandria - mansfield - Whitfield ( :grin: ) - Wangaratta - Beechworth - Wodonga - CORRYONG.
    All went well, but it was a fairly hot day and we have plenty of stops to hydrate ourselves and make sure the group stayed together. It's always nice pulling into Corryong, i was going to take some pics of the ranges that loom in the background , but didnt seem to get the time :(

    Day 2

    Started the day with a cooked breakfast in the Motels restaurant, got off to a really good start with Franky missing the turn off to Khancoban, not that we were put out too much, i made the turn and everyone noticed and made a U-turn.
    We made it to the Murray 1 hydro power station in good time with a small taste of the twistys in store, followed by a brief stop at a lookout before heading onto the "Geehi" camp area next to the Swampy Plains River. Phil got everyone involved in a game of "toss a stone get somebody wet"
    Day 2 was probably our fullest and the coolest of all the days away , but still warm none the less.
    We arrived in Thredbo only to find my clutch cables "outer" was dieing and i was losing tension to disengage the clutch plates fully. We managed a fix-it-up repair ( link to photo's of repair job added soon )
    Thredbo was an enjoyable stop, we had lunch there, but we had more pressing things on our minds............... great sweepers leading to Jindabyne with "Charlottes Pass" as the reward :grin:, 40 kays of a race track like stretch of road leading to an area where you can view the highest point in Australia "Mount Kosciuszko".
    The air temp was very mild up there and the sun was shining brightly, after returning back down to Jindabyne the increase in temp was very noticable. We had concluded that which the trip was intended ( riding up Charlottes Pass ) and decided to head back to base with a regroup at the Geehi camp area and Murray Power station. Dinner was at the local PUB.

    Day 3

    Breakast was down the main street at the bakery, general consensus was that since it was going to be hot, we wouldnt head all the way home, as it was suppose to be our last day, but instead headed for Bright.
    Phil and his g/f Sharon decided to head home.
    So we checked the map for a decent route there and found some roads most of us had not travelled before ( Minna led and held a good comfortable fast pace ) i wont mention the average speed we sat on :p
    As we made it into Bright my outer clutch cable died once more and we had to do another repair job.
    Lunch was at a local pub and we wasted a little time till we could book into our room ( six of us in one room was fun :) )
    The highlight to staying there had to be the pool, Karen bought me some board shorts and insisted i go for a swim. The funniest part was they were 5 sizes too big and we resorted to Gaffer tape which worked a treat
    Dinner was pizza in town and there was people everywhere, very much a carnival type atmosphere, we rode into town and video'd it as we were all SQUIDS, Karen sat on Frankys bike backwards to catch the action, Minna was on Kirks to do the same.
    Later that night we played cards till 1:30am and it was lights out.

    Day 4

    Breakfast was across the road from the pizza joint and we all got burnt toast which gained us a 50% discount :p
    We got off to a good start for home and upon rolling into Whitfield we relised the day was going to be very hot, by the time we got to Mansfield , yes it was a shocker of a day heatwise. Check Kirks antics in the photo link as we approached Alexandria :cool:
    I think everyone was being effected by the heat by the time we rolled into Alexandria and we had no idea it was pushing 40 degrees.
    Approaching the Black Spur felt quite hot , but nothing compared to the healsville side, it felt like to temp doubled, we were all wetting ourselves down at the servo.
    We all said our goodbyes at this stage as we would start go our own ways by the time we reached Worri Yallock.
    I made it to Pakenham when my Clutch cable snapped completely, Kirk continued home and brought back his ute, it was good to be home and in a cool environment.

    all in all , it will be a trip to remember for all of us and for me for a number of reasons.

    There is heeps more photos, ill see if we can get then posted asap

    Cheers ratty

  2. Looks and sounds like a fantastic time had by all.

    Big trips with friends is at the heart of what motorcycling is all about!

    Thanks for sharing, Paul.
  3. Good writeup, not too long, just nice. Pictures are excellent, happy group touring the countryside.

  4. Looks like we missed eachother by a poofteenth then :)
    Got back into Jindy (coming up the Alpine from Khancoban) by about 2.30 or so, which might've been close to you guys returning from Charlotte's and going the other way.
    Nearly got blown off our feet at Dead Horse Gap the day before, the wind up there was something else, trying to set up the tent in Jindy proved most frustrating (nearly went paragliding across the lake). :LOL:

    Sounds like you've all had a good ride, but jeezzz, was it HOT or what?
    Btw: BikeMart/ Ringwood has cable-repair-kits (small tins, ciggie-pack-size) for around $15.
    Enuff stuff in there for getting out-of-the-shite if bogged with busted throttle/ clutch-cables out in the sticks. Saved one of the Tassie-Gems crew on our last day over there....and it looks like you were damn lucky to nurse things back to close-to-home.
  5. Looks like you guys had a g8 trip, photos are fantastic.
    2 bad about your clutch cable...

    catch up soon....
  6. Bastard! I hate you all :LOL: :LOL:
    What a terrific trip you had, an unadultarated gift to riders that country :) I remember a few years ago now, on a trip in that area, one of the group on a GSX750 (I think it was, or maybe it was the TLR?) backing the bike, with non-stock pipes, backing the bike to the air shaft entrance at Murray 1 and giving it a rev and hearing it rumble all the way down the shaft .. sweet :)
  7. Yeah, what a great looking and sounding trip!
  8. It was a pretty good ( awesome ) trip, everyone got on famously :p

    and no, we didnt see one single cop in NSW ( well there was one driving around in Jindabyne town centre ) oh and i blasted past one @ 190 when we were heading back towards Wondonga. but that was ( VIC )

    we have heeps of funny pics not posted and video, get yours up Marty, will be good to see what you guys mananged to get up to :grin:

    In that case i dont mind a little hate :p

    cheers Paul
  9. Ratty, Ratty, Ratty, time to change that unreliable GSXR...:LOL:...broken clutch cables, flat batteries, broken gear selector, stuck in third...good job Corser's bike didn't have those problems...:LOL:
  10. But i love my bike :grin:
  11. Sweet pics Pauly!

    I think I might have seen you guys coming through Alexandra on Saturday at about 2pm? I'm sure I saw Minna...

    We were on our way up to Wang.
  12. Hey guys.

    So, the ride did go ahead???? Last time I spoke to Franky a few days before the ride was that he was not sure if it was going ahead and that he would not know until last minute. That is why I never attended the ride :cry:
  13. And Nev.. and his ubiquitous esky.....
  14. Yeah, that time sounds about right, Minna thought she lost her wallet as we were leaving Alexandra, the rest of the group kept riding out of town, i went back to see what was holding her up, took us till Buxton to catch the group back up and we were sitting on an elevated speed :)

    yeah it went ahead Skuff, i think Franky was waitin for you to get back to him as to whether you still wanted to go.
  15. Hey ratbag,

    I definately wanted to go, but Franky said the ride was up in the air and that he would not know until last minute :cry:
  16. Sorry skuffy... with life throwing unexpected crap at me I decided the night before we took off. With me being undecisive I thought you would have made other plans

    Hello all :)

    Well as it turned out I'm glad I did go on this trip because 'fun fun fun' was the outcome! All in all we covered around 1600 km.

    Our first day was welcomed by a great bunch of people and enjoyed every moment of each others company. I'd like to thank Paul for taking some great photos especialy while everyone was riding. Along with mine and everyone elses photos there are plenty to be shared around. You should see some of the photos from the pool and the video footage :p Quite a laugh :LOL:

    The trip to Thredbo, Jindy and Charllottes Pass was yet another experience in itself with splash games in the river and throwing massive rocks into it. Oh, and all those toilet stops served me well... :oops: apart from all the wasps, spiders, marshflys, and s..t load of flys and all the unknow species to man! What a mission :roll:

    Although the trip was only organised for 2 nights in Corryong, we had decided on the last night at the pub that we'd make another night at Bright... We just didnt want to go home... So 9am the next morning we were having breaky at the bakery and headed off to bright.

    The road between Towonga and Bright was fantastic! Everyone rode through like fast techno with Kaz changing into advanced mode on her 250rr. Watch out for her... shes in your mirror :biker:

    Arriving in Bright we had lunch at the main hotel, tried tinkering with Pauls clutch cable cause we were thinking of doing Mt Hotham... but time was running short so we checked in at the motel. But guess what..? there was a pool :cool: WHAT!! A POOL!! :grin: Stinking hot... mouths were dry... empty the ventura bag... take orders... and off to the bottle shop :cool: We all bought some bathers cause didnt expect a pool and soon as they were on... the drinks were on! Pauls shorts were 5 sizes too big but there is nothing you cant fix with gaffa tape :p The pool was loads of fun... with everyone splashing one another... diving... bombing... dacking... etc... After we settled down we had pizza in Bright (Lots of people in the streets) then back to the motel and had another drink or two and a game of cards.

    I will end it here cause there is soooo much more to tell but this trip was far more better in the flesh. Our highlight on this trip was the trip itself... no otherway to describe it!!

    Happy New Year everyone and hope to see you on a Sunday ride or our next trip :)

    Cheers Franky n Kaz :cool:
  17. hey Frank, no need to appologise..... :grin:

    Just glad you guys had a good time
  18. Geeee guys & girls looks like you guys had fun :grin: :grin:
    I will be tagging along on the next trip for sure :cool: :cool:

    hopefully it will be soon. :roll:

    Hakin :wink: