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Corryong to Jindabyne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Hoski, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Hi all
    Can anyone advise on the state of the road from corryong to thredbo and jindabyne. Never done it and hope to tackle it in a week or so, ie, well before the snow! Any tips appreciated.

  2. Drove it a week ago in the car. Great twisty road but would be very wary of car or trucks coming the other way; it is quite a tight road. Ok surface from what i remember. Would love to do it on the bike. Also road from thredbo to jindabyne is fine just like a hwy.
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  3. Great road lots of fun. Built for the Hydro system so generally in good condition but narrow in spots. The Murray 1 Hydro station has tours down into the tunnel where the generators are. Interesting little side trip if you have time. The highest point is Tom Groggin which has great views over the valley.
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  4. Yep, beautiful, beautiful road. When I lived in Canberra I used to head down that road regularly as a shortcut to the Vic hunting areas.

    As said though, it's a narrow road so be careful. It's quite possible to come around a bend and be faced with a caravan coming the other way, taking up most of the tarmac.
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  5. as above - be careful in the corners. Not unusual to suddenly find a pothole ahead or gravel/grit across the road. It washes off the embankments regularly, so not just after winter. Pace yourself and enjoy one of the great rides.
    You will see signs saying you need to buy a pass for the park, but if you are only passing through to Jindabyne then not necessary
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  6. Thanks guys. Very helpful.
  7. It is a great road, but it does require a bit of care. And watch for skippys too.

    I've been told the NPWS enforce this now. So you can't stop in Thredbo for lunch for example. Dunno if it's true or not, just passing on what I've been told.
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  8. I rode through a week ago, and the road is in excellent condition (by NSW standards). There are a few things to be aware of: two extremely tight, blind corners in the rough vicinity of Tom Groggin; and wildlife. Not only roos but a few wild brumbies as well (although there are more on Elliot Way). I barely missed a wallaby coming into Khancoban.
    Can be a little narrow at the Khancoban end and there is always the risk of trucks and 4WDs cutting bends but traffic is not as heavy as you might imagine and overall it was a pure delight.
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  9. Agree with Titus on the wallabies. Cleaned up plenty of them over the years down that way. Thankfully all in the 4wd tho, none on the bike.
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  10. When it's wet there are some glassy patches that need care. Also quite a few narrow deep corner cuttings that mean you can't run wide if you overcook it.

    Scammells lookout is worth a stop. Thredbo Village doesn't hold much interest and is not far from Jindy anyway. AFAIK Dead Horse Gap is the highest point at 1570 m and so can get quite chilly. There's already been a dusting of snow.

    Landslips and log falls are common on the Alpine Way so check whether it's open before you go.
  11. I went through there about 3 weeks ago and had a ball. Some sections are a bit tight for my liking, but others were great. Road conditions were generally okay, though narrow in spots and also some roadwork going on. Not much debris back then, but things can change quite quickly. Stupidly low speed limits through most of it, but also seemed police free. Also a park pass is not needed providing you're not planning on stopping, and Thredbo seems a waste of time anyway
  12. Were you at Khancoban on the Sunday morning? If it was you, we were the ones admiring your bike :)
  13. No it wasn't me I'm afraid. I would have been at Khancoban for lunch on Friday 28th Feb. Got talking to a guy on a K1300R whilst I was there.