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Corrugated roads, love them or hate them.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ZX9A6, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. This happened to my daughter just the other day, going to work minding her own business and the next thing she knew of was having to climb out the passenger door.

    Trying to add photo's atm but it wont let me do it :twisted:
  2. I've never really heard the term corrugated used to describe a road before. I don't understand what it is meant to describe.

    Sounds like she must have been okay to climb out the passenger door :)
  3. did she know she had a perfectly good door right next to her?

    hmm i suppose there's an explanation?
  4. geez mate, she ok??

    more info to, how did it happen and pic of road?
  5. Being a two door, her only option was the passenger door :?
    Smashed glass everywhere else.

    Cheers Bruce
  6. Is this some kind of sneaky attempt by her to steal a motorcycle parking spot? The rangers will notice the other 2 wheels up in the air :grin:

    Hope she is all ok but, not really sure what you mean corrugated road? ids it where it is very bumpy kinda ridged the hole way? would need more details of how where and road before i can judge the road
  7. *off topic*
    "Congratulations to the MIGHTY SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS premiers for season 2009" <--- bwaaaaa see ya next year

    ok back on topic

    is it when the machines rip up the tar that leaves it corrugated?
  8. This road surface is bad all year round, corrugated and potholed in spots right the way across the road, making it hard to avoid them.



    She was and is OK, but the only good thing about this is that she is now allowed to ride her ZZR 250 :LOL:
  9. The Shire of Yarra Ranges has a habit of passing off any responsibility for road maintenance to vicroads. Which is all very good, as roads are their (vicroads) thing. But at some stage the Council has to ensure that the residents, who elected it, are actually getting something for their ever increasing rates.

    The road corrugation & potholes have been an ongoing problem in the Dandenong Ranges & was not covered in the “The Hills Project – Township and Surrounding Areas Improvement Plan†(The Hills Project)

    w@nk, w@nk, w@nk!
  10. There are Vic roads roads and there are council shire roads. This will not be a Vic roads road :oops:
  11. Ok Devils advocate time here,

    The tyre marks are coming from well on the wrong side of the road which would imply to me that she lost control of the vehicle on the bend and over corrected to end up on the wrong side of the road, then over roccrected the over correction to end up where she did.

    Maybe she was not driving to the condiitons of the road. Given the fact that she is still with us, she was not speeding because everyboy knows speed kills.

    I hate those corrugated roads. We used to go fishing up at the Murray all the time and you would constantly encounter roads that had corrugations. It was bumpy as all hell. Always had to slow down.

    Glad to hear she is ok. It could have been so much worse.
  12. Unfortunately I was also following the tyre tracks and though I couldn't make the model of car out, i could make out it was a rear wheel drive. And looks like she maybe came a little hot out of that corner and nose was pointed in-toward the opposite side of the road. Then she may have over-corrected, but still had the gas on, and maybe a little too late (after the car was facing backwards and sliding sideways towards the fencing) slammed on the brakes.

    :? Err, after re-looking at the photo, it looks like I can see a front diff on it as well, and thus a 4wd car. They're pretty hard to have a 4 wheel drift going on? :shock:
    Unfortunately cannot see the travel path behind the Ford there, and i don't know the physics of a 4wd car too well so I cannot pass judgement what was going on if it was in 4wd mode.

    On topic of your question, yes, I hate the corrugated roads, black betty lives on one and I've travelled on a few before and you don't know whether to go fast or slower to make the vibrations stop :(

    And glad to see no harm was done to any person :)
  13. How fast did she say she was going? :shock:
  14. Look at where the mud is on the tyres.....looks like they dug into the side of the road and flipped the car.

    These mini 4x4s worry me.....high COG, light, with skinny tyres.
  15. unless you can see the hubs are locked on, and the vehicle is in 4wd, then its a little premature to say it was using the 4wd.

    The thing with corrugations is, a road you can take at a normal speed without them, is ridiculously dangerous at half that, especially if its wet or damp. as your suspension deals with the first bump, it gets hit by the next, and so on and so on. compunding the problem, this is why little bumps eventually feel like some 3 footed ogre is jumping on the roof(or pillion) of the vehicle(It's a bit like harmonics, each bump reinforces, and increases the effect). and once there is one, everytime a car travels through corrugations they get worse.

    So even if she was going a reasonable speed for the conditions, it could of easily been to fast for the unexpected severity or the drivers inexperience with corrugations.(More bounce, less effective road surface contact)

    If you ever have the pleasure of driving/riding the dirt highways up north that are frequented by heavy vehicles, you woun't come across severe corrugations. The road trains flatten em out, although you will encounter bull dust, which in its own, is a nasty thing to hit if your not wary. Dirt roads travelled by light vehicles will always be corrugated.

    interestingly our american friends call it washboarding... Linky meh not very informative.

    The effect is the same as the ripples in corrugated iron.

    4 wheel drifts are fun, and many 4wds can do them, but the skid marks do not indicate to me that is what happened.

    IMO she came in at a reasonable speed for a normal road, hit the corrugation, or loose material lost it a bit over corrected and stomped on the brakes. She then hit the dirt ridge on an angle nose first and over she goes. Like someone else said, a high center of Gravity, means you can roll these little ratbags with very little momentum.
  16. I think it's hilarious that most people in this thread don't know what a corrugated road is. Is this an Aussie forum or what?
  17. Thats because most 'city' folk see a dirt road scream, then turn around and go back to the closest coffee shop to settle their nerves :rofl:

    We don't call em corrugated up here, we refer to them as speed humps and or suspension killers, been 2 years since the last time our road was graded. Both our cars will need rebushing again before they'll pass rego this year. :evil:

    Um yeah , the driver side door was being held shut by the weight of the rest of the car resting on it :roll: :LOL:
  18. i read an article that was stating some survey that stated that over 85% of all australian 4wd's had never seen more than a driveway worth of dirt road. The same article said that over 90% of australian drivers had never driven on a dirt road.

    And I for one am happy with that. There are plenty of dirt roads that can save you heaps of time when travelling long distances. And i'd rather not have my shortcuts used by the average joe, i will have to tow out of a gutter or creek.

    of course the survey was undertaken in sydney, melbourne and brisbane and surveyed some 5000 people, apparently the most people siad they had driven on dirt roads were in sydney!

    I'll have to dig around the magazine pile and see if i can find it.

    on a different note, the fence probably saved her from being on the roof. getting out of a car thats upside down is great fun! First time i did it, i forgot about gravity and landed on my head. So children if your upside down put a hand on the roof before you undo the seatbelt... it's less painfull.
  19. Living out near the valley, I am familiar with dirt roads, still, to have spun out, overcorrected and still managed to roll the fourby on a couple of tufts of grass, Did she go a teensy bit fast, or panicked?

    I must say, dirt roads are a lot of fun, the only time I have been shit scared and was fighting for control (on the bike) was on the newell highway, at night, over winter, on a ripped up section of road near goondiwindi, that gets 2000 trucks per day and was immediately after the rains that had VTRBob housebound! A weekend of trucks had turned the road surface into a mountain range of loose gravel!

    150kph "Hmm, roadworks? Gravel road? Better Slow Down" -> 70ks... "ohshitohshitohshitohshit" -->30ks "fu*kfu*kfu*kfu*k"

    You get the idea! :LOL:
  20. The newell is renowned for things like that, especially the pillaga...
    I remember following the road trains through boomi-garah and ashley to get around the flood waters that had closed the newell to get back for my wedding... you could of waterskied behind some of those trucks.