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Corrosion prevention

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by magin, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. G'day netrider people,

    I'm new to riding and about 2 months ago, got an '03 VTR250. Anyway, I live very close to a beach (about 100 meters) and about every three days, my bike has that greasy covering of salt that you get from parking near the beach. I give my bike a good wash with a bucket about every 5 days (I've never actually be told how to properly wash a bike) and clean and lube my chain, but I'm worried about corrosion of other parts.
    I think I have noticed the really thin rust on the forks (not the part of the fork that slides into the other part, that's nice and clean) grow a bit, and I'm planning on keeping my bike for a long time yet, so I'm quite scared of rusting.
    Can I maybe clean the rust off with perhaps steel wool, and then maybe weekly wipe a thin layer some WD40 or petroleum jelly over the parts? And maybe do this weekly? Thanks, Sam
  2. Steel wool is ferrous - it's an alloy of iron so will therefore rust.
    And when you wipe your bike with it, not only are you making little scratches for rust to grow in, but you're also depositing bits of steel wool to get it started...
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  3. Could try RustSeal from Kbs Coatings or Rust in Peace from carplan
  4. To protect the parts you cant see, use tectyl 506. For the parts you can see, just do what you do now, wash it.

    Tectyl 506 is a waxy stuff that I use on everything boating, works a treat.