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Corrosion on alloy parts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cornerman, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. My garage flooded in recent rains and I have noticed some corrosion deposits on some engine covers. I tried fine grade steel wool on one bit and got the calcification off but there is still slight pitting on the surface. Can somebody advise how to clean up the engine cases and treat them to reduce the possibility of it happeing again?

  2. First thing - never use alkaline cleaners on aluminium (ie detergent). To clean you should instead use an acidic cleaner - the citrus based ones designed for cleaning bathrooms/showers seem to work well. Avoid commercial "alloy wheel cleaners", most are based on HF acid which is not only extremely dangerous but can also weaken the metal over time.

    Once clean the easiest way to keep it that way is to spray regularly with CRC or WD40, especially after being in the rain. A longer term solution is to clearcoat the alloy - spraycans designed for alloy wheels can be found in most auto stores.
  3. wouldn't the stuff the cruiser guys use to shine things up work a gem? I've got some at home, bugger me I cant remember the name of it right now... Autosol???
  4. Hey mate, if its bad you will need some wet/dry 800 grit and a cutting/polish kit from bunnings, all up it will cost you about 30 bucks and about 1 Hr to get that mirror finish back... ohhh and paint stripper if you want to get the varnish/clearcoat off..

    Im currently doing a project on my SRV250, clearcoat was flaking off alloy rot every where poor little bugga looked pretty sad, but 60 mins later you wouldn't pick it for the same bike, well one side anyways...
  5. What I did after wearing out my fingers scrubbing and attempting to polish some fork legs, I eventually got fed up and dropped them off at the local metal polisher.

    When I picked them up I thought they'd chrome plated them. :cool:
  6. But how do you keep them looking that way?
  7. that.
  8. lol, doing it the hard way mate, trick is in the paint stripper, clearcoat just falls off ;)