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Correct way to remove engine?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Stark, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. I'm about to remove the engine, but I'm not sure how to attack the throttle body. Do I have to disassemble the sub-frame to get it off ?

    Or will there be enough room to shimmy the engine forward and detach it so it's still attached to the airbox manifold ?

  2. If it was me. I would remove the airbox, and throttle body. Unless the motor goes out the back of the frame to be removed?
    But to me, their seems to be plenty of room to drop the frame on its side. Remove your handle bars, Use old car tires to lay it over on. Support the motor with blocks or what ever you have available. Unbolt the motor. And lift the frame away from the motor. How the Back yard Chopper-holic guys do it.
    There may be easier ways?.. But If I was pulling my 510 out, Id be going that way :D

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    I finally found a video of someone removing the engine from a MX bike, And they pulled it out the back. Seems the whole sub-frame can be removed with relative ease. I'll see how that goes.

    The engine comes out the right side, but you have to lift it out from the rear.
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  4. This looks like a pretty young bike; do you mind if I ask
    why the enginectomy?
  5. It's a 15' 500 exc that I'm attempting to frame. Not a fan of Orange at all.


    Hopefully it will look something like this after the frame and shock are powder coated:


    Unfortunate that the T-piece broke when attempting to remove it. Have ordered the new design T-piece from the states.