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Correct way for a pillion to get on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. What is the agreed manner in which a pillion should get on your ride? Also if they are not tall enough to swing a leg over the rear of the bike.

    I have pondered this as usually I use the gutter for my guest to step off from.

    What are others ways of dealing with this?

  2. It could make it awkward if your pillion wants to go somewhere there are no gutters. You also need to consider the imagery of gutter-climbing; I would not think of it as a fashionable way to start a romance or friendship. I don't think it would endear you to the pillion.

    You need to be careful choosing the size of passenger you wish to carry. If you allow a passenger aboard who is larger than you are this can, potentially, be dangerous.

    Since even the NSR150 has moderately high pillion pegs I find it easiest to always allow my passenger(s) to simply step on the peg nearest to them, hoist themselves up, and then swing a leg over.

    It is always better for the pass. to place both hands on your shoulders as they swing up and over. This stabilises both of you and, as long as they are of the appropriate gender, also provides a point of initial physical contact to encourage them to hang on for grim life, so to speak. :) If you know what I mean.

    If you don't know what I mean you probably should not consider taking passengers. If they are mates, get 'em to take a taxi.


    Trevor G

    PS In other words, it's just like mounting a horse, but a lot easier. And more comfortable in the end. Or is that under the end....
  3. Rider is on bike, brake on.

    Passenger mounts from left side, puts left foot on left pillion peg, hops up, swings right leg over rear seat, then sits and puts right foot on right pillion peg at about same time.

    Hopping off is the reverse.
  4. Thats it Rob,

    This way works even with a rack or topbox fitted,
  5. My girlfriend finds that the pillion peg is too high on the CBR. What we do is I get on first with both feet on the ground, then she uses my footpeg to swing her leg over and away we go!
  6. This is probably the best description of my issue. Will see how that pans out.
    The R1's pillion pegs are as you say, too high for the person to leverage up onto.

  7. Makes note to self:
    Be on the alert for female pillions wearing skirts
    :p :p
    wearing kevlar stockings of course
  8. there is a member on here some where can't remember who it is off the top of my head, but they will crack the shits if they seen a pillion trying to mount up the way you all describe, they way of thinking is the pillion peg isn't made to cope with that amount of stress, could eventually give way and throw rider pillion and bike down on to the ground, the persons way of thought is if they can't mount up with out assistance and sticking a foot on the peg (riders don't do it) they shouldn't even think about getting on the bike.

    i will try and work out who it was, so they can give their decription on the best method for the pillion to mount up
  9. Really crack shits? At someone on someone elses bike? Maybe they should remove the control stick out of their arse...

    I would think some of the female riders might have an issue... if they are dating a 150kg front rower...jeez even my 95kg mate whos 6 4 can't just leg over on my DR.... stepping on a FOOT peg has never hurt the bike frame... and its shittier than most. Whoever it was qbn must not get many girls... ever.
  10. lol probably not, then again i wouldn't let a pillion get on my bike that way either, but only because the pegs have to have spacers on mine to clear the cans, and end up sitting 3 inches out from the frame

    but i solved the problem no longer has pillion pegs, and don't plan on pillioning anytime soon, i would get on the back of a bike with me, and saves me telling others that i wouldn't like to place their lives in my hands
  11. qbn - this other person expects a pillion to swing the leg over onto a higher part of the bike? :?

    ...He must date international leggy models... I'm not sure I care to wish him a "half his luck". He can have all the nuerosis that go along with those legs!... sounds like a perfect match :LOL:
  12. really trying to remember who it was, i know they were on the eden june long weekend trip
  13. Wasn't me.... however....
    many many moons ago, when I was about 14, a mate of my step dads bought a new 1300 godzilla and wanted to take me for a pillion ride. We stopped for coffee/coke at Seymour and when I went to get back on, same manner as described earlier, I stood on the pillion peg and had one hand on his shoulder, as I lifted my weight onto the peg, he lost balance and down we all came. Needless to say he never asked me to go pillion again, and from that day onwards, I have never weighted the peg. I now stand back a bit and throw my leg onto and over the seat, then centre myself and put feet on pegs. Works on the Hayabusa with a rack n bag, so far so good :wink:
  14. There is always more than one way of doing things ..

  15. I stand on my pegs all the time as i'm sure other riders do. If they can't take my pillions weight then there is something wrong the design.
  16. going by what happened to me, it's not so much the pegs giving way, its the weight on one side of the bike/balance that is more of a concern.
  17. i have started taking my 9yr old son for short rides recently, like to school, and thats the same proceedure i have been drilling into him.
  18. Thats the same way I let my pillions mount. If she is short then by all means use the peg if you don't need it then go for it. I just make sure that I'm set before they mount, then there is no embarrassing opps moments. The Americas pillion seat is pretty low but the sissy bar etc can make it awkward for new pillions.

    As for pillioning mates, well one of my best mates has lost his licence. So if he wants to go away etc that pillion seat has his name on it lol :LOL:
  19. I've seen most bits on a bike broken through hamfistedness, but I've never EVER seen a footpeg or support broken through being stood on.

    Pillions are welcome to stand on my pegs any day of the week :grin: .
  20. I've had one break, but that was coming down off a jump with an 85kg pillion on the back.