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Correct PSI for Nobbies?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jimboss, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Hi guys just wanting some opinoins on the correct PSI for the nobbies on my bike. I have a trail/road bike with Bridgestone TW 301 & 302's. 98% of my riding is on road and I weigh about 100kgs. On the tyre it only has the max PSI rating which is 36(front) & 33(back). At the moment I am putting in 28 PSI in both. I have had a look in the service manual but doesnt mention PIS/Kpa. Can anybody help?

    Thanks Jim
  2. If your riding on the road there probably NOT legal (only 1 knobbie is ADR for road that i know of) and they can be quite dangerouse.

    then again you could be talking about so called 'universals' or road knobbies i guess.
  3. Trail Wings are practically a road tyre anyway: I'd run about 28psi. Knobbies have to have their pressures lowered for the dirt so they conform to the terrain, but a soft tyre at road speeds will eat itself due to the flexing.
  4. they must be universals then because I got them with a roadworthy
  5. Ok, in that case i'd say your probably about right. some where from 28 - 32 should be OK
  6. Check if the tyre manufacturer has a site with information on the tyre or contact your local tyre fitter. If the manual doesnt list it and there is no sticker or plate with the details of what pressures are recommended on the vehicle they would be the better sources for information.