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Correct procedures for police using Lidar? (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by night-timer, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I was stopped by police using a radar speed detector. Their car was parked in the dark with no lights on.

    I have heard that police need to have their car's overhead lights on (plus signage warning of radar/police presence) when they are pointing radars at oncoming traffic. Is this correct?

    Investigating murders or smashing crime syndicates is my idea of "police work", not setting traps.

  2. incorrect, take it on the chin
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am glad I was able to pay a fine to help those officers justify their existence.
  4. welcome to our world :)
  5. easiest way to avoid speeding fines from these types is simple...either use a P plater as your proxy radar detector..or dont speed.
  6. LOL, thats why I don't like riding at the front on group ride days
  7. Commodore drag racers have gotten me out of so many speeding tickets.

    I know that I'm not getting booked if there's a Bogan with green P plates next to me at the lights.
  8. do they have to show you the reading?

    a how to on being pinged by the polcie and what to observe and do would be nice. any legal eagles out there?
  9. I read somewhere that you can ask them to retrieve a tyre pressure gauge from their cars and check their tyre psi. If it is not within spec the reading is not considered accurate.

    Any truth?
  10. i was told if you slip him a $100, you'll get off???

  11. I don't know how that could affect a hand held speed measuring device. How would it?
  12. lol. I ****ing dare you to pull that one. The cop would put you on youtube.

    I call bullshit on Goz. Might have been a hundred a few years back, but factoring in inflation, mortgage rates and increased cost of living,the descerning corrupt cop now asks that you produce at least $300.
  13. I can tell you some of the guidelines for victoria with regards to lidar, it might be similar.

    - The device must be calibrated and tested appropriately before use or within a reasonable time before use. All led displays working, internal check comes up with the right numbers, laser tests to a measured distance.

    - In the guidelines for setting up a detection spot it says the user shouldn't setup on the bottom of a hill - however this is a guideline for use, not a legislated requirement.

    - The user must be able to identify the vehicle they are taking a speed reading of. These devices can measure up to 1km away but it's no good if you can't see which vehicle you're reading.

    - When taking a reading the audio doppler tone must be consistent for at least 2 seconds. Once this is the case the reading is valid and upon release of the trigger the detected speed will lock on the led display.

    - Once locked it will stay there until another reading is taken or the lidar loses power. You may request to see the reading (the guidelines say they are to show you) however again, there's no legislated requirement to do so. A judge would look pretty poorly on a refusal to let you see it though.

    That's it off the top of my head, they are fairly foolproof devices and most of the cases that lose in court are through lack of the calibration tests by the officer or a lack of their knowledge in procedure in how or why they do something (or haven't done something).

  14. I also do not know how it would affect a hand held or stationary but if they are cruising along and pull you up I can see how it could have (some) effect on the calibration
  15. They only use hand held devices while stationary. They can sit in the car while it is not moving or they can sit / stand beside it, so tyres are going to have no effect on the reading.
  16. No. No truth.
  17. This is only a factor if they are using a mobile radar device while moving that relies on pulses from a box wired to the car's speedometer to figure out the relative speeds.

    I think the new stalkers actually use the background picture in the radar signal to calculate the vehicle speed though, so I doubt this would be of any value.
  18. It has to be calibrated as per the manufacture’s and specific departmental operating procedures at the beginning and end of every shift or usage.

    I believe they only have to show it to you, in NSW, if it is safe to do so. If you are blowing a gasket and carrying on, ala some of the “Fast Four” drivers seen on A Current Affair and similar, then they would state that it may put them in an unsafe situation, ie turning their back, tying up their hands holding the lidar whilst dealing with volatile/upset person etc etc.

    Be reasonable, polite, record everything you can recall at the time and purse it later. If they’ve made the decision to grab you, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to write the ticket. Find out where they were standing when they recorded your speed, make sure they could see your vehicle from where they say they were.
  19. Or you know... don't speed.