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Correct oil for a 600 Hornet

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Self-explanatory, really, except I need to know before 7:00am tomorrow morning!

  2. Check the owners manual for the correct specification and then compare that to the specs on the side of the oil recepticle. It's not rocket surgery.
  3. Looking at the honda site and their own oil, looks to me they're recommending a synthetic blend 10w40.

    But at $60 for 4 litres I should come with gold flakes!!!!

    Any name brand 10w40 synthetic blend should do the trick 'ol boy, I've been using Fuchs 15% synthetic (don't remember the code number) 10w40 on the advice of a mechanic, it's been great, & atr $37 for 5 litres, much better value

  4. Honda dealers use Shell as a rule. The semi syth's about $30 for 4 litres so the full synth shouldn't be too much more.
  5. The only problem is that the semi syn Shell is mostly a mineral oil. If you have a look on the back it is only an SG rated oil.
    I recommend Mobil Extra 4T Syn 10-40W oil ($47.95RRP) it is SJ rated, this is much better. It's just my 2 cents.............
    The only reason I know this is I work at a bike shop and spend alot of time talking to people about oil.
  6. Not surprised seeing the cost of the Honda name brand, which is probably just shell/castrol/bp/etc etc re-labelled anyway.

    Each to there own really, we all find a brand/blend we're comfortable with.

    I think in this case, for Hornets' beast, we all agree a semi-synth, (or blended oil) in the correct API rating should do.

    In this case 10W40.

  7. Motul 5100. 4L@$50.
    Seems to make everything run much better. :LOL:

    As a side note, i must try and hunt down some of that Fuch's stuff... if it's good enough for Kwaka race teams then it can't be too bad... and at that price. :grin:
  8. The Honda Pro-oil range is the best stuff out there for you Honda. The expencive stuff is the full synth @ $60 for 4 liters but there is a cheaper mineral 10/40 with is cheaper and the best thing for your bike. Trust me get to your local Honda dealer and buy the correct stuff. Unless you were racing the bike there no real need for full synth just go with mineral for normal road use.
  9. [/quote]Honda dealers use Shell as a rule. The semi syth's about $30 for 4 litres so the full synth shouldn't be too much more.[/quote]

    Thats not true. Honda cant force a dealer to sell a brand of oil or a brand of anything for that matter and most dealers will sell what ever they can get the cheapest. But what Honda has done is made the price of their range of oil as competitive as all the other brands out there. More and more Honda dealers are moving over to Honda oils. Honda oil are blended by Caltex to Hondas requested specs. Trust me on this the best thing you can do is buy the Honda branded stuff for your Honda.