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Correct Air Pressure in tyres?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rthrelfall, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. how ya goin

    wondering about tyre pressure, iv been told my zzr should have 28psi in the font and 32 in rear, does this sound correct?
  2. Sounds in line with my bike (not a zzr but similar I imagine), at least. 28psi = 193kpa, 32psi = 220kpa.
    My bike manual says 175 front, 200 rear if lightly loaded (<100kg) or 200 front, 225 rear if heavily loaded.
  3. A GPX250 with stock tyres is 28 front and 32 rear - so I'd say its right, unless you've changed the tyres on it...
  4. The ZZR manual states 28 front and 32 rear so it's spot on :)
  5. also depends on the type of tyre
  6. so i should be running less pressure cos im light (maybe 60- 65kg, havent weiged myself in years)? around how much less?
  7. I have no idea, I was only quoting my manual (which seemed to be referring to one rider vs. rider+pillion/rider+baggage, but did give a specific kg figure). But I'd be interested to hear from someone who does know, too :)
  8. Japanese bike - think typical weight of Japanese rider and go from there. You'd be pretty much spot on with stock settings across the board, Eswen. :)
  9. thats what i originally assumed but then someone told me the other day that i should be running higher pressure, "that makes no sense" i thought, so i am a bit confused :LOL:
  10. Going with whatever it says on the tyrewall is usually a good pressure.
  11. Whats written on the sidewall is maximum pressure only, not necessarily the optimum pressure for any given load or speed.
  12. Also consider that manufacturers want a nice ride out of their bikes too. You could probably go 5 psi above the recommended for experimentation, see if it improves things or not. The factory considers many things with regards tyre pressures, and handling is only one of them. Also consider the factory pressures are for the factory tyre, different tyres on the same bike will like different pressures.
    The GTR is a prime example of this. The factory recommends 36psi in front tyre, while 41psi is considered appropriate by GTR riders, for better tyre wear and reduced cupping of tyres, also better handling.
    So, play around with it a bit and see what you like most.

    Regards, Andrew.