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VIC Coroners ruling on tram tracks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I know this ruling was on bicycles, but wonder if it could provide any leveradge to sharing bike lanes where there are tram tracks to our southern riders


  2. Its her fault for riding on skinny tyres......I don't like where that is going.
  3. It always has to be someone's fault nowadays, doesn't it?
    Can't blame God anymore I s'pose.

    And for the Coroner's information, Swanston st has already been configured to separate cyclists from tram tracks. By putting them directly in the way of pedestrians trying to get to the trams:roll:
    Wonder whose fault it will be now?
  4. Once again a wonderful piece of work in selecting someone who knows nothing about an activity in detemining the activities safety...](*,)

    I couldn't believe I read that!
  5. Given that cyclists and trams have been interacting for well over 100 years now all over the world, and that it's fairly obvious that a vehicle with tyres narrow enough to drop into the flangeway is at increased risk of problems as a result, I'm not convinced that either the case or the Coroner's findings are really anything new or particularly sinister.

    It's notable that the verdict is not mentioned. Assuming Victorian Coroners reach such things I'd bet it was "Accidental Death", which implies no actual blame to any party. If it were "Death By Misadventure", which implies that the victim contributed to their own death, I'd be a whole lot more concerned.
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  6. Its her fault for riding on skinny tyres?????
    Thats intelligant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'd just like to say... I thought the title of this thread said coronas ruling... I think I need a beer :p
  8. so do I after reading it... [-(

  9. Considering motorcycle tyres are wider than tram tracks and this is a main reason the coroner says contributed to the death I doubt it very much.
  10. Missed the sarcasm did we??

    Everyone knows, espically "proficient riders" aa the news atricle quotes, that if your stupid enough to ride near parallel on a bicycle (esp with road tyres, not MT8) near tram tracks Darwins Theory of Evolution is calling.

    How about the lycra retards learn how to interact with the road, surface, traffic and general road craft, instead of blaming everyone else for their f-ups and issues.

    No sympathy here.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  11. can't their just be accidents anymore?
  12. Don't believe it was sarcasm from him, anyway.

    Unfortunately the art of roadcraft for cyclists was lost years ago since cycling became a fashion statement, just need to look at (MAMILs middle age men in Lycra) that we constantly battle in racing... No idea, won't listen and blame everyone else except themselves when their ass hits the ground.
  13. You are right, it wasnt sarcasm, but it wasnt what you thought either.

    I meant "the coroner found that it was her fault for riding on skinny tyres" i dont like that because that is the same thinking that people have that says it is motorcyclists fault for crashing if there is manhole covers that are slick. The road needs to be made safe for everyone. Skinny tyres on a pushbike is legal, they either need to make the tram tracks suitable for them or to make it so pushbikes dont need to cross them in parallel.
  14. I don't see any problem with what the State Coroner said. I attended an information morning at the Coroner's Court recently where Paresa Spanos addressed us. She described her task as one of making those observations, conclusions and recommendations that are suggested from investigating a death, in the interest of potential changes by groups and individuals to decrease the likelihood of future avoidable deaths. She made it very clear that the modern Coroner's Court explicitly eschews an interest in finding blame, and is instead process- and practice- focused: on drawing lessons to decrease the likelihood of a future similar death. What I read in the OP fits with that.
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  15. I would have hoped with motorcycles being a similar type vehicle with the danger of slipping on tram tracks , any findings could have been used to strengthen a argument to use bike lanes away from them, where a bike lane has been built forcing bikes toward tram tracks.

    But the key wording of
    Means that with no adverse findings and no responsibility on there plate the authorities wont care until a motorbike accident is before the coroners court for mention
  16. You know guy, think the coroner has done a great job here.
    At what?
    Help moving the reason and focus of this accident away of one of the main contributing reasons.
    This thread is starting to prove it in my mind how good a job the coroner has done for the Melb City Council.

    Of course it had nothing to do with the total design of swanston walk and tunnelling huge busses, pedestrians, trams and cyclists thru the same narrow path.
    Deadly mix of a design where a lot of credit should be given to everyday users of the road who have avoided similar in the past.
    And now they've made it better forcing pedestrians to walk across cyclists getting off and on the tram.. FFS!

    Oh yeah, and Doyle thinks it's all brilliant! Again someone knowing nothing about an activity announcing how good it all is... honestly

    In similar thinking of a few other here..
    It would be the same thing as a coroner blaming motorcyclists and that it's their own fault for crashing because they're riding a machine with narrower tyres that needs more distance to stop than a car with more rubber on the road.
  17. On reflection, I think there is a problem. Any motorcyclist could have told the Coroner that wider tyres may help slightly, but DO NOT SOLVE the problem. By recommending wider tyres (which motorcycles have) as the best solution, the Coroner has inadvertently discounted any argument from motorcyclists for using the road space away from tram tracks. Especially if it may be used by bicycles.

    A far better ruling would have been to simply tell cyclists to stay the fvck away from tram tracks wherever possible.

    I guess when a motorcyclist dies on a tram track the Coroner will need to review that finding.
  18. Slightly off topic however; an American engineer who was interviewed on the design of swanston street in relation to the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and trams - " the tram tracks should be the bike lane and the bike lane where the tram tracks are" the current design is dangerous apparently.
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  19. Thats why they get paid top dollar lol.....................................=D>
  20. I'd say it's common sense, but sense is anything but common with public projects.