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Featured VIC Coroner investigates if pothole caused accident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffco, May 11, 2015.

  1. From Todays H/S
    Coroner investigates whether poor pothole repair caused fatal motorcyle crash in Great Alpine Rd, Ensay
    • by: Alex White
    • From: Herald Sun
    • May 10, 2015 8:00PM

    THE Coroner is investigating whether a dangerous road defect overlooked by VicRoads caused the horrific motorcycle accident that killed a Victorian couple on their weekend roadtrip.

    The road authority has prepared a 20-page report for Victoria Police’s Major Collision Investigation Unit on a 15cm bump near the crash scene on the Great Alpine Rd, near Ensay.

    It has emerged another motorcyclist was involved in a serious crash in the same spot less than 24 hours before the couple was killed.

    Ringwood father-of-three Mark Rodgers, 47, and partner Jodi Andrews, 42, died after their bike suddenly veered into oncoming traffic, hitting a police car, on March 7.

    It is understood authorities have ruled out speed as a factor in the investigation and are now focusing on a sealed pothole as the main contributing factor.

    VicRoads made temporary repairs in the days after the deaths and fixed the defect permanently on March 26.

    Motorcyclist Justin Ezard, 46, was a friend of the couple and was riding in convoy with them from Bairnsdale when the crash occurred.

    He said his bike was jolted by the same bump but he was able to keep control because he slowed to 40km/h after seeing the crash ahead.

    “We saw the bike in the middle of the road. It was engulfed in flames 20-foot high and the bodies were lying there,’’ he said.

    Grieving sister Joelle Buckley, 45, said her brother had been a keen rider for more than 20 years and loved weekend trips on his Harley-Davidson.

    “He was an extremely happy and positive person. He was loved by everyone who met him,” she said.

    VicRoads officer Peter Todd said the matter was under investigation.

    “VicRoads is working closely with Victoria Police,’’ he said.
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    A public inquest, that will be useful.

    Folks, in Victoria, if you do spot a road hazard that could impact motorcyclist safety, report it to 131170.
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  3. In suburban Sydney, take photos of the potholes as well and tell them that you have done so when you ring the council.A road gang will appear like magic with bitumen at the ready!

    But please be a bit more forgiving and especially careful around the Hunter region as they are still catching up with repairs. I nearly came unstuck due to doozies of potholes a few times last week. Night time is the worst.
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  4. Yeah not good, some roads (particularly those in regional areas) are woeful, needing to rebuild the suspension on my ute from the surfaces round here.