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Corolla explanation

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. I read an article a few months ago that the Corolla was the highest selling privately purchased car in Australia. Yesterday there was an article in the Telegraph suggesting that is was going to be the number one outright.

    My question is, why? Have Australians become completely bereft of reason?

    The reason I have such a poor opinion of the Corolla, is that about 18 month ago I went through the process purchasing a medium (15 years ago they would have been called small) size car for my mother.

    It had to be an auto, but other than that we were both reasonably open minded.

    We looked at; Kia Cerato, Hyundai Elantra, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, Mazda 3, Holden Viva and Toyota Corolla.

    Of those cars I rated the Corolla second last on the list! The reasons were, it’s one of the heaviest, it’s one of the least powerful, it’s one of the dearest and it was boring.

    So how is it this car could be the highest selling car in Australia?
  2. Solid
    goes for ever

    no one said is was a reace care, boring?? maybe, but they are almost indestructable and will run for years...

    i know of severa 1967 corollas still in active service..
    both myselfa nd a mate have or have had Ae82 corrolas....still running

    cost bugger all to repair (old ones at least)

    new ones may be pricey to replace but a long history of service and reliability will create brand loyalty and good opinion in the general public
  3. Because none of those factors are high on most buyers priority lists. What the Corolla does offer is something with good reliability, safety and resale value - which is all most people seem to care about at the moment. Toyota may be making nothing but bland, gutless whitegoods on wheels - but they're also selling a hell of a lot of cars.
  4. But they're made in some busted arse third world county these days.
  5. Because in three years, all those Korean pieces of crap will be worth about five bucks.

    Having also recently purchased a small-med car, I was advised by my mechanic (who is also a friend I trust implicitly) to stick with Mazdas, Subarus or Corollas (none of the other Toyota small car range). He went as far as to say he would prefer see me buy a 10 year old Corolla than a new Hyundi or Kia. They are cheaply made, and it shows.

    Like the others said, reliable, safe and hold their value well. Obviously if you are after a race car, they are not for you... but for your mother, probably perfect :)
  6. Who cares where they're made, as long as the QC standards are high, and are met.
  7. SO???

    a lot of motorbikes are too
  8. Corollas are made in a lot of places (they were even made here once), but I'm fairly sure the ones being sold here at the moment are sourced from Japan (hence the high price).
    Edit: Previous models were sourced from South Africa but that's hardly a third world country - in fact their industry would be at least on a par with Australia. And it's the same place the Ford Focus is still being made.
  9. I wouldn't call Japan, the UK or US or Canada busted arse third world countries :wink:
  10. We ended up buying the Mazda for mum and it was marginally dearer than the Corolla, but a bucket load better car.

    As for the Korean thing, well less and less people believe they are pour quality. This is especially true of the Hyundai's and in fact they are getting a reputation of standing up well in crashes.

    Though I admit it was a big factor in why the Viva got pushed down the list as Deawoos do have a seriously poor reputation.

    The elenatra got relegated because it was so ugly and a new "prettier" model was imminent.
  11. I think if you pop the hood the compliance plate read "vietnam" or "Maylaysia". Can't remember exactly.
  12. I have a 10 year old hyundai with over 200,000kms on it never misses a beat. The 3 year old Kia's never had a problem either.
  13. As I said, who cares where it's made? As long as the QC standards are high and are met, it could be made in Tasmania for all I'd care! :grin: :p
  14. Out of curiosity how did you rate the Mazda against the Focus, given that they're essentially exactly the same car?
  15. Interestingly that afterwoods, I did think I could have given the Focus a bit more attention. I guess mum liked it a little less and to me it was a little lower spec for the same money. Also they'd changed production lines from Germany to South Africa.

    Now as Triway keeps mentioning it shouldn't matter where it is built, but it takes time to shake down a production line and in this case it was more the recent swap than the country of build.

    As to QA in third world countries, well there is theoretical QA and reality. Believe me my company gets a lot of steelwork fabricated in SE Asia and it never ceases amaze my the corners they will cut at every given opportunity, despite the procedures in place.
  16. I see. Was just curious since I've noticed that the Mazda 3 is selling extremely well at the moment and yet the Focus (and for that matter the Volvo S40) aren't doing that well for some reason. Guess some of it could be down to marketing and brand image as well. Hard to know what you're buying with cars these days with so much parts sharing going on across brands.
  17. Ford Australia couldn't market the best car in the world down here, no clue! Focus is a damn good car that often gets overlooked I reckon purely because Ford don't 'talk it up' enough.
  18. Yeah they don't seem to have a shortage of advertising dollars though - seems to be an ad for the Focus nearly every ad break. But their ads are stupid.
  19. From memory the Focus just wasn't the same value for money. The specs were less for similar money. This IS typical of Fords imported vehicles and is something they have been getting wrong ever since they stopped making Laser in Australia.
  20. Well I have got a Korean bike that is built to a price and is OK.

    I have a Korean car [ssangyong stavic] that is built to a job and is freaken fantastic. Build quality is as good as my old mazda6 and I would not hesitate to recomend it to anyone. It uses a lot of mercedes running gear.

    I have just purchased a new small car to get around in and looked at them all, what I found was that the corolla was overpriced and as boring as a woody allen movie, you know everyone says they are fantastic but i don't think he is funny!

    My Kia Rio and Carnival are like the hysoung, good value but not a long term proposition.

    I ended up with the Colt VRX for $20k drive away and it's a ripper. Well built and goes OK.

    So some korean stuff is great, some OK some crap.