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Corners at Albert Park

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by the_blacke, May 14, 2010.

  1. #1 the_blacke, May 14, 2010
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  2. LOL nice one.
  3. It is actually interesting from the educational perspective… I can’t see much of a counter-steer as you turn in, but because of the way it is pointing at the ground as you corner, you can see (If you look closely) the counter-steer to lift out of the corners.
    You also see that the handlebars are turned into the corner as you go around.
    It does show the actions of counter-steering quite nicely.
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  5. haha I bet you had more fun makin the vid than riding....
    Love the slo mo passed the walkers and pushy's, but the effect worked well when you used it around a couple of the corners, made it look like you were slowing down a super fast ride,,,haha...even the sound track worked well.
  6. Nice vid len...erm.. I mean the_blacke ;)
    Chose a gorgeous day for riding there mate !
    Hope to see you out there sometime !
    Keep up the great work with the videos.