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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by scotts RR, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. leg out

  2. leg tight to tank

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  3. Countersteer and leg out

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  4. Countersteer and leg tight to tank

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  5. Countersteer lean and leg out

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  6. Countersteer lean and leg tight to tank

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  7. Lean legs stay put

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  8. Countersteer and lean, legs stay put.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Ive just upgraded from my cbr250rr to a ZX6-r.
    Now i ride through the hills weekly, and have come to notice that all the quicker, smoother guys corner with their legs out, and that my new leathers have knee sliders.
    When i corner, my legs are pretty much tight on the tank, and i sit my bum crack in the edge of the seat, and lean in with my shoulder.
    Ive tried to stick my leg out, and it feels so strange, and it only comes out a few inch's, not a foot like most guys.
    Sorry for the noobness, but why do you do it, and how does it affect your riding?
    Ive booked in to an advanced course
    Ive also noted that thats how the track riders corner.

  2. Just the "knees out" won't make much difference, other than perhaps finding out the limits of your lean angle. To make a real difference, you'll have to start hanging-off (which naturally leads to knees-out) the bike.

    I'm not a scientist, so I'm not going to dare explaining the physics behind it, but here's what it comes down to => You can go faster around a corner hanging off the bike, given the same lean angle of the motorcycle.

    Or conversely, hanging off allows you to not have to lean the bike as much given the same corner speed.

    As many have mentioned on threads like this, do a track day or two, and all this will begin to gel pretty quickly, and the whole "knees out" thing will almost be a natural reaction as you take corners at decent rates of speed.
  3. Added a few more options as leg in and leg out does not make much of a difference unless you are racing round a track.
    Obviously there are many more options.
  4. I wear rollerblades when I ride, so I jump off the bike and squat to the inside of the curve while modulating the throttle.
  5. I only stick my right leg out, so if I'm turning left I have to be sitting backwards on the bike. :)
  6. Out on the road, I don't see the need for leg out...though in saying that, I tend to put my knee out just a tad when riding in the hills for the extra stability.

    Out on track, I am learning how to lean far off and knee out to corner better while keeping the bike up right.

    From what I remember, it has something to do with the centre of gravity. When riding, your body mass and that off the motorcycle are as one...so when you're not hanging off the bike during a turn, the centre of gravity hasn't moved far to the desired side of turning causing a larger turning circle...which result in slower speeds. When hanging off the bike, you're body mass moves the centre of gravity of the whole system (system being the centre of gravity of yourself and the bike) allowing for sharper turns...or faster turns. Don't quote me on this, because I haven't done physics in a while and I am sure there is heaps to it regarding motion and centripetal/centrifugal forces and what not. Can wikipedia it...but cbfed.

    phong =P~
  7. I like to stick my tongue out when I'm cornering.
  8. While this is recognised as an effective cornering technique, it's worth mentioning for the newbbies that it should only be attempted while your visor is up and face hanging out the front of the helmet, letting your fur blow in the wind. :)

    Don't forget to bark at utes when you go past them. :LOL:
  9. :LOL: Now thats a riding style worthy of You Tube! :LOL:
  10. Move your bum off the seat a bit.
    It shortens the distance between your upper-thigh and the foot-peg where your foot is, which forces your knee out further.
    Also lets you drop your shoulder more; lowers the centre of gravity on the bike, and feels more 'solid' while you have the bike leaned over... particularly if you're on the throttle.
  11. For an extreme example to expiriment with, try sitting in the saddle, then moving to leg out, bum off seat mid corner, in the same corner. You'll notice you "automatically" lean the bike less to maintain the same corner. Now multiply that four fold to 200kph - you can see the idea for leaning off the bike
  12. Enjoy
    http://aprilia.vladiks.com/aprilia_docs/TrackDoD Novice Guide.pdf
  13. whatever you do don't mention the back brake.
  14. :LOL:
  15. dont mention the front brakes either
  16. i'm gonna take this thread to a new low.

    I drag knees while i squid. :LOL:
  17. Hey guys,
    thanks for all the reply's, especially Sinners link ( i think that shuold be stickied)
    been practicing hanging off on a few sweepers, i find that i have to really get my lines because i find it difficult to alter the line once im set, maybe that will change with practice.
    Going into the mountains 2morro, will see how that goes. Focus on smoothness and lines rather than speed like usual :oops:
  18. It is interesting to read that, as I find when I am set up properly it gives me more scope to change my line on the fly. Whereas when I am still in the saddle, I find I am limited in making line changes

    As for the knee out thing, it doesn’t really serve any purpose unless you move your arse. Once you have moved your arse, it works well to keep your hips from twisting, and it also gives you a better leg position to move your weight around, that way you are not using the bars to move your weight around which unsettles the bike.