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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dima, May 23, 2013.

  1. #1 dima, May 23, 2013
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
    The photos from the last MotoGP, Marques.

    I've seen it with many other riders too.

    On the first photo he appears to be off the bike a fair bit, his head well inside etc.
    On the second photo he seems to be riding more aligned with the bike's vertical line, not so much off the bike either.

    Explain please the difference in style and why/when he would be riding one way or another?

    93-low. 93-high.
  2. Anyone in front of him in either shot? The first looks like he has space ahead so he is interested in every milli second. The second I'm guessing there is someone in front who he is comfortably matching pace with so, the milli seconds don't count so much he is more keen on observing the person in front and any mistake they make so he can get an overtake.
  3. I think smilee has hit on it. He is much tighter and more aggressive in the first, the second he has eyes on something else in front I would guess.
  4. OP, sure its the same person?
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  5. Good point, Pedrosa in 2?
  6. It does look like his (Pedrosa) colours, helmet and number.
  7. LOL!!!
  8. Hrrr, fcuk me. I swear I saw both of them riding the same corner in 2 different styles like on the photos. But yeah, sorry for the misleading pics. But still the question stands I guess.

    It seems they aren't off the bike so much while on brakes, like here:
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  9. trolololol
  10. He swapped bikes with his mate.....
  11. The bloke in front has stopped mid corner,he is getting ready to avoid ramming him.
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  12. That's topical at least, pretty witty as well.
  13. OP I'm pretty sure that's Spies in the 1st pic and Rossi in the 2nd one.
  14. Could we change the title of the thread to 'Same corner' or 'Same corner, different rider, different style' ? The initial title is doing my head in! LOL
  15. Judging by the different helmet it must be a different race.

    Could be different lap, tyre condition, fitness...
  16. Just finished reading the rest of the responses.

    Yes - possibly different rider. Lol.

    MM style is Stoneresque. Elbow down, middle finger up.
  17. yeah, he got that new helmet that changes colour!
  18. Not possibly, definitely! They have numbers for a reason - 93 is Marquez 26 is Pedrosa. As they're all Spanish (including Lorenzo) they ride with somewhat similar styles, but Marquez is the next generation and rides a little different again using the elbow for feel