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Cornering-Scraping-Accelerate-Use Rear Brake-Experiences?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hipster Doofus, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. This could mainly apply to cruisers as they scrape easily but has anyone had any experience with this situation. Came across this at motorcyclecruiser.

    Never tried it myself but it would be good to master if it works.
  2. Definitely interesting. If you mastered it, it could become a solution to coming in too hot.
  3. When i was riding cruisers what i'd do when cornering is put my foot under the peg on the side i was going to lean and lift up the peg.
  4. yeah i do this all the time, gives alot more control through corners your not so sure about, then you have the option once everything is visable to ease off the brake and open the throttle up a bit more, for some nice exit speed, well thats the idea of it anyway the gs isnt exactly about to break any records
  5. This is incase your running in hot right?

    I wouldn't try to make this a regular thing. Preselect correct gear and speed is the best i think. Engine braking slows you down whilst constant throttle keeps you up.....gradually increasing throttle for happy ending :)

    When i feel that i do run in hot(which is probably never the case, just too chicken to lean further), i do use rear brake and throttle.
  6. actually at the stay up right advanced braking and cornering course they tell you to do this when cornering
  7. I was actually taught this when doing the Learners course at Stay Upright. Certainly not something I'd do at every corner but can certainly come in useful when you suddenly realise you're in a corner with a tightening radius. Although I don't know about applying more throttle - I usually just leave that alone.
  8. Looks like something I'm going to have to practice till I get the hang of it. Either that or slow down a tad. :LOL:
  9. Rear brake in a corner.... ??

    I don't ride a cruiser, but this technique might possibly work for cruiser due to the COG being towards the rear and typically lower cornering speeds due to ground clearance issues.

    Jump on the rear on a sportsbike though, and it could end in disaster.

    Plenty of threads around and plenty of stuff about it on www.superbikeschool.com forums.

  10. a few times i went into the corner too fast and shit my pants. i closed the throttle and applied rear brake while in the corner and it doesnt help coz it cause you to drift wide. i then used the throttle and applying rear brake and when around better. best technique is not to go in too fast and stay away from the front brake