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Cornering school PI - any 250 riders interested?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Looking at doing Level 1 cornering school at PI and was wondering whether any other 250 riders were interested in doing it as well. Some of their info on Level 1:

    Not sure when I'll be doing it...would like to see some other 250's there though... :) Dates can be found here:


    Express your interest here! :)

  2. i'd love to, at the moment though i don't have a bike but i'm working on but i'm guessing that it'll take me a while to save up enough :?

    Towards november of late oct i reakon would be good, u thinkin weekday or weekend?

    it'd be a fair ride from NT though, unless ur in vic already...
  3. I'm in

    Hey there Rosie, yep, I'd be interested in this for sure. I'll have at look at the link, thanks for that.
  4. I'm Not Telling you where I am ajl. ;) :p

    Let's just say I could walk to the track if I wanted to. :cool: :LOL:

    I'm not fussed whether it's wknd or weekday - in the case of the latter I'd need to check what's on at uni that day and whether it's okay to 'wag'. :grin:

    All the best with saving for the bike. Keep us updated!
  5. Whoa

    Whoa, just had a look at their site and the price. $400. Whilst it is undoubtedly worth it, it's just a little rich for my blood at the moment I'm afraid. I'll start saving for a later time.
  6. Yay Donski! :grin: The VTR250's will rule! :cool: :LOL:

    Edit: just read your above post - :( - start saving girl!!! :grin:
  7. uni would also have to be wagged on my account unless it was after the semester or exam period.

    u lucky bugger, living so close to the track i used to live about 25 -35 min away dependent on how quick we needed to get there :twisted:
    now i have to be in the burbs to get to uni on time :(

    i will keep ya posted on the bike though
    since ur close to the area, loch wonthaggi road, head to daylston then archies creek and over to loch. you've probably already done it but its a very pleasant drive :grin:
  8. Ta .. done it heaps of times. :) Surface is a bit suss in spots but otherwise it's a good ride. You can also turn left at the Glen Forbes turnoff and head down to Grantville - nice rd as well. :) Where from here are you from? I commute every day to Swinburne Prahran. Early mornings! :LOL: What uni do you go to?
  9. On Loch won. road you go past the Krowera hall and old school house, on the left (going to loch) just after the hall is my parents farm. went to school in korumburra.
    wat bout u?
    go to monash clayton, aero eng. urself?

    another great road bit of a drive though - mirboo north to thorpdale and on to trafalgar - absolutely fan f#$kin tastic

    i think i get ur location - NT = not telling :-w
  10. definitely want to do this....

    not likely anytime soon though due to $ situation
  11. Hey Rosie,

    I want ot do the SBK 1 Course as well. I just need to get my bike back from the repairers, get a pair of leathers and get the bosses ok first.

    Will see when I can do it.
  12. Bloody work!
    Always working.
    Also need leathers. But once Tax cheque comes in..
  13. I'm going to do one soon due to my shoulder feeling strong enough in my view to handle it. I can only go and see I guess to see how I fair. Hoping I don't feel too worn out for the ride home tho :?


    Most likely Monday or Friday due to my physio etc schedule.. A date I see is: Friday, 19th of October, 2007
  14. Hey Wazza, I'm going this monday the 10th Sept if you would like to join me? :wink:
  15. SBK school will hire you leathers for the day. Very competitive rates and if a set of leathers weren't high on your list of priorities, definitely a cheaper option.
  16. sold out was on that date when I checked (just before making that edit)
  17. I hope to do a SBS course, have talked to heaps of people at trackdays and they say its the "shizzle".
    I will most likely be going on the 18th or 19th oct, cause my bike isnt ready for next week. DAMN it.!! Missing the 7th track day too. ARHHH.
  18. Would be interested in doing one of these. I am more than happy tp blow the cobwebs from the CBR

    I am pretty much restricted to weekends though.

    Will we get a better price is we go as a group?
  19. I'd be interested in something like this, any that will help my day to day riding. Depending on what shift I'm on I could do a weekday.

    Is there a requirement of particular bikes to be used? Spada ok?
  20. Friday 19th October looks best for me. :grin:

    jorge - I spoke with someone from there this morning and they said that all makes of 250s are welcome. :) As long as you hold a licence for the size of bike you ride...eg. don't turn up on an R1 if you're on your Ls.

    pro-pilot, the only wknd ones available are on Melb Cup wknd (these are slightly more expensive as well). I can't do that wknd though so looks like the 19th for me. You coming??? :grin: Sickie??? :grin: I forgot to ask about group discounts but I doubt it.

    Leather hire: for $55 you get a full leather suit, boots, gloves and helmet. :)

    Hope to see heaps there!