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Cornering - Right Handers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by toar_rl, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Injured my wrist about 2 months ago and never really let it heal properly. A month ago tore some ligaments from basketball, hadn't had a good ride for a while, but today was perfect weather, so bandaged my wrist up and bit my tongue.

    Just returned from a quick sprint in the hills. The pain was worth it.

    My cornering is progressively improving, a large part due to the tips found on this forum (thanks to those who share their knowledge with us beginners)

    So I’m at the stage where a left hander basically feels like I’m on rails, effortless, I just lean and the rest follows suit.

    BTW my approach is as follows: Front Brake, Lean, Release front brakes, Throttle, ride the rear brake

    I always have 2 fingers on the front brake too, mainly because I’m on public roads and you just never know.

    So with the right handers, they still feel clumsy, uncomfortable and just not as smooth.

    I’ve tried taking my fingers off the front brake lever so I get a good grip of the throttle, this helps a bit but makes me nervous on public roads, especially when you can’t see around the corner and not familiar with the roads.

    I know it’s always harder cornering on the throttle side but any tips would be great

    Am I doing something wrong, how do you approach right handers, is it just psychological (ie, need more practice, confidence… and balls)

    Cheers everyone

    PS. Can’t afford superbike school just yet