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Cornering practice at industrials (after hours)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 3AMCobra, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just thought i'd share my weekend experience, on saturday despite the 35+ degree heat i put on the leathers and went for a ride, wanted to practice a little too and decided to head down to an industrial area near my place.

    Being a saturday it was abandoned, so i had some nice extra wide clear roads to practice leans on. I know many people hit the hills for this sort of stuff (as do i occasionaly). The problem with twisties is that there is high traffic, road conditiions are sometimes bad and ofcourse roadspace is also an issue for beginners. Anyway i had a ball and just wanted to see if anyone else does this or what other places people go to practice (Aside track days ofcourse!).


  2. I go down there to practice wheelies :)

    Never thought to practice cornering there.
  3. Fat roads, lots of room for error
  4. Keep in mind that there is more likely to be be oil/gravel on the road in an industrial area. Good idea would be to scope out a clean run for yourself before you take it on at speed.
  5. great idea.... never thought of that. But also watch out for people drifting in cars also.
  6. I use them to teach my friends to drive, and also practice emergency stops and cornering etc. Cops come through every now and then, but they jsut ask, and you say you are practicing emergency stops as its safe place to do so, and they jsut elave you alone.
  7. i did that while learning, not much fun in it now tho. definately wouldn't be cranking it over on a saturday tho, there can be a bit of traffic around sometimes still :?

    and wallyt, that can be a problem, but isn't always. there are some pristine roads around newer estates, esp the ones that dont get a lot of truck traffic.
  8. wallyt99, yeh, forgot to mention, i did a slow ride through and found one clear section to practice, you definetely don't wanna head down and just start hammering away at corners without checking traffic/conditions first.

    As for drifters, those fools usually only come out at night, this was a day time run so no heros.
  9. I did a similar thing in a new housing estates that have no houses, just new clean roads and not even aa fence so you can see in every direction clearly.

    New housing estates border old ones and doesnt take long before some one is standing on their lawn giving you the evil eye :)
  10. Heyyyyy good idea, there's one real close to me, I'll check it out.
  11. I do the same thing, even more fun to find the most exclusive/expensive estates possible and do some early morning practicing (doing my bit to drive property prices down :LOL:).
  12. Haha, nice one jd, a few places spring to mind, may have to give that a try. :)
  13. anyone for a 3AM run through caroline springs in first gear??

    i like the idea of industrial area.. might have to try it out.. i really want to go get my licence, but dont want to do it till i get to try out this slow speed counter steering thing.
  14. Lol i would guess that there is enough louts North or West who already have it covered out there...i hear a non bogan was spotted west of the city in December... :)
  15. I was doing this one night in a shopping centre carpark in Adelaide(totally deserted) when an unmarked cop car comes after me. So I pull up under the flashing lights and he says "What do you think your doing?" in a really annoyed voice. Said I was practicing emergency stopping and handling before doing my licence test. He still wasn't happy and asked for my licence. It wasn't until he saw I was in the Air Force(postal address on licence) that he calmed down. Mainly because his son was also a RAAFie. Had a chat about his son's work and then he left. Not sure if I would have been booked if the RAAF thing hadn't come up.
  16. I've got a race cour.... I mean industrial estate at the end of my street.

    I sometimes use it to practice emergency stoppie.. I mean stops.

    It's also handy for learning how to lift the front wheel (so as to avoid potholes of course)

    And I do my bit for the environment down there by ensuring I use up all the available tread in the centre of the rear tyre before I replace it. :LOL: