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Cornering - lean or drop knee and shift weight?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VTRBob, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Well weve had the do you lane split, which foot etc etc threads and i've got a real fresh batch of popcorn sitting here and was wondering.......

    Do you lean with the bike while out playing or drop the knee and shift your weight ?

    me you ask ? most definatly drop the knee and twist the throttle in through and out the other side

  2. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just depends what mood I am in :shock: :D

    Cheers 8)
  3. Old racing habits die hard... Knee out for me...

    And never ever coke, or popcorn.
  4. plenty of 'coke' and a knee out :twisted:
  5. Slide me bum over the seat get down and lean. Mind you there's little need to put the knee out too far. I'd scrape my pipes before I could put the knee to good use.
  6. I dont have that option since i always have a pillion :cry: better smile in case she reads this :D .
  7. Half the time, I've not got the sphericals to stick the knee out when cornering. Got some strange aversion to shattering my patella :p
  8. Personal preference be damned!

    I'm too mediocre to do either, and I've got the chicken strips to prove it!
  9. Depends. Usually I just sit tight and shift the upper part of the body to the inside of the corner. If I'm feeling "racy" I slide right off the seat and pretend I'm Freddie Spencer.

    I don't think either attitude actually affects how well I corner, but that isn't the issue anyway, is it?
  10. On the Across, bum off the seat, knee out. On the Firestorm...still working up to it. Not a real good time of year to work on agressive cornering techniques.
  11. Same as ashes - still working up to it on my current bike so I'm a leaner. Sometimes when feeling comfortable / confident playing I experiment with shifting my weight, knee out - but this is not yet a regular thing for me... (was comfortable on my little fzr to do this though)
  12. A little from column A and a little from column B.
    Depends on where and what the road is.
  13. Both, it just depends on the conditions as to which style to use.
  14. Usually,

    Lean a bit, close my eyes, scream. If I am upright when I open my eyes again then I figure it must have worked.

    :D :D :D
  15. TM, you're quite mad! :D (reminds me of the famous Stirling Moss quote)
  16. I normally pretend I'm know what I'm doing and hang off like an idiot.

    Only time I don't do it is if I'm going slow or if there's standing/sitting water.
  17. If you want to do it quickly on an older Beemer you have to do the knee out bit - otherwise you can grind through rocker covers pretty quickly. When my brother-in-law raced in the early 70's he went through a set of rocker covers every meeting till he got the technique right. In his case though it wasn't so much knee out as climbing off the bike and leaning his whole body. :LOL: :LOL: .

    In my younger days I used to do it all the time - these days - sometimes. :LOL:

    Some of us OFARCS even have trouble bending the knees :LOL: :LOL: now, let alone trying to slide them down the road... :roll:
  18. I ride an old, slow cruiser. Whats this leaning business you're all fussing about ??? :p
  19. Depends, someone was following me once and watched me go through three different corners in three different styles. I love it all. Mostly I keep a steady throttle on entry, lean with the bike, knee slightly out and power out.
  20. My current technique is to use the back brake, panic when it locks up then change down a gear just before I hit the apex ready to power out in the red-line....great fun :p