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Cornering Issues

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Farab, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Although I feel my general confidence and skill level has come a long way, my cornering just does not feel right lately. I feel I am going faster around corners, I want to lean the bike down more, but feel I can't due to the rear feeling "unsteady" or shakey. Evertime I want to go harder around a corner, the back just feels dodgey, unsteady. As a result I have about 5mm worth of chicken strips on the rear wheel. When cornering, I follow the apex and lean in with my elbow, etc. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the bike's setup, tires pumped too hard or suspension to soft? I am running Dunlop Arrowmax's at 280kPA on a 250 VTR.

  2. 5mm worth of chicken strips seems like you are leaning it over far enough. The VTR250 is not a full on sports bike, maybe a sporty riding position transferring more weight over the front wheel will give you more confidence on a sports bike?
  3. I feel like I'm doing everything right - subjective - maybe getting too fast for a sports-tourer riding position?! This whole business IS attacking my confidence!!
  4. A mate had something similar to this and we were already going to tuned up his bike. We did suspension an tyres and it all turned out fine.

    All i can suggest for you is to try a few things and see how it does.
  5. Hey if its a VTR250 maybe the rear shock has no fluid left in it? Someone here on netrider bought a new VTR250 and the rear shock shat itself.

    Can I ask what the OEM tyres for your VTR250 are? Are they the same size as the Arrowmaxs you currently have?
  6. I'm using the same tyre as you are on my bike and I also have about 5mm left from the edge. I sort of have the same symptom but not as bad(im not sure if its just me tho).

    I was thinking its the road surface as the road surface I'm going on is one of those corse ashfault(I think) and if I went on a better surface I feel the bike is more stable through the corner. I can lean abit more but I didnt want to push my bike that hard yet. At the moment 70-75kph round a medium radius turns is fine for me(got 5mm chicken strip left)
  7. Will find out. The rear shock has always bothered me, but being a new to all of this... There seems to be quite a lot of travel downwards when I get on the bike. I am about 89 - 90 kg's (more 89 :LOL: )
  8. Going a bit faster than that :wink: I feel I want to/could give it more, but that's when things start to feel dodgey in terms of the bike's steadyness...
  9. 140/70/17 at the rear Arrowmax GT501 - those are the same size as the OEM - Just had a look in the workshop manual - wheel pressures should be 225kPa - but on the tire itself it says 280kPa - which one?! :? Just want to add that it also feels like the bike is flexing - difficult to describe - just feels weird...
  10. Sounds like the rear is squatting, either due to insufficient pre-load on the rear, or perhaps too little compression (if adjustable).
  11. Go with 225kPa and see how it feels
  12. I believe what is written on the tyre is the maximum pressure for the tyre. 280kPa = 40psi! You should use whatever is in the manual, you said 225, which is 32psi which sounds much more appropriate.
  13. If the rear shock is doing that you might try adjusting it. If you cant adjust it see if its soft compared to otehr VTR's if it is then change it. It'll improve your cornering.

    For the tyre pressure I think put in 225 and see how it feels and try increasing it and see which one feels better and stick to that one.

    If the bike is flexing then its more likely the shock.(I think)
  14. Thanks all, will try a few things suggested!
  15. 5mm of chickenstrip is NOT MUCH...sounds to me like you are getting some pretty good lean angles going.
    Assuming your technique is correct, I'd first look at your tyre pressures, or the tyres themselves - maybe they just are'nt very good tyres..?

    And frankly...I'd slow down a tad, until you get things sorted out....you ARE getting the bike over a reasonable amount as it is.
  16. Sounds like you dont trust your tyres. May feel dodgy coz of the tyres. try the gpr70s and then you will feel more comfortable and it sticks like glue. Could also be your body positioning. It makes shit loads of difference when your positioning is correct and that enables you to go lower.
  17. HI All, thanks for the all the advice, much appretiated. I adjusted the tire pressure front and back to 225 kPa.
    Went out today, felt crap in the beginning, but much better about halfway through. IMHO the road conditions aren't the best the first 100km's - crap seal, gravel, etc. Question - can a brand new seal/tarmac be slippery? There was this patch of about 5km's today that was obviously a new seal - felt like riding in the wet!!

    The tire wear is still pretty good and even, no flat spots,etc. Does the tire compound harden up with age though?? I bought the bike with these tires on, I have no idea how old they are. Could it be that my tires (compound) have hardened??

    I am going through all the motions 9/10 (sometimes I still stuff up with a crap approach, etc.) Usually I have it in the lowest gear possible, push in the direction of the corner - countersteer, lean in with my elbow, and accelerate, looking at the apex/exit/where I want to be.

    Just for the record: I am not attempting to knee scrape - I am attempting to corner well: pushing myself to take a corner at the optimum speed. I usually try offsetting my weight (bumcheek of to one side) on the inside of the corner - does not require a greater lean angle - feels quite good cornering this way.

    Raven: I did "slow it down a tad" today - took your advice. I Just kept on telling myself to firstly go out and enjoy, then kept on telling myself to get the technique down and the speed will follow.

    Will have the wheel bearings and shock checked though - bike still feels a bit "sqiggley" at times - but then again as Raven said - the bike is getting over a reasonable amount...

    GForce - the GPR70's are what brand?
  18. http://www.rideforever.co.nz/ride_smart/control_cornering.html

    "Cornering at safe speeds is easier to live with if you're riding a powerful bike, because acceleration helps regain cruising speed quickly once you're through. Low-powered bikes create the temptation to carry more corner speed than is necessary. If you've been travelling at high speeds along a straight section of road, slow down more than you think."

    I have encountered this - during cornering I feel underpowered - wanting to accelerate more...
  19. The Dunlop GPR70's have been superseded by the Dunlop GPR Alpha-10s. Probably the softest compound tire you can get for a 250 sized bike.
  20. When i first got my across it had similar dramas to you. Put a new tyre on the rear, dunlop gt501 same as yours and it made the world of difference.

    The old tyre was realy worn, rock hard an low on tread in the middle. Put a new tyre on the rear an it was a totally different bike to ride.
    Maybe you just have some realy old rock hard rubber thats giving you that unsettling feeling.