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Cornering GS500

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pringa8, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. I've ridden a few bikes now, i've had a GPX 250, Spada (for a few weeks) and now my GS500. I find though on the GS that the front end feels like it's going to dip down (like the bikes going to fall!) through corners at lower speeds, but I didn't have this problem on the other bikes. I know I good tradesman never blames his tools so has anyone got any advice?

  2. get off the brakes and go faster through them
  3. May be because it's a heavier bike than any of the other one u've ride.

    That's why I bought a VTR250 over this as my 1st bike. GS500 was the 1st bike I test ride.
  4. hmmm cant sy i have the same problem with my gs, try dragging the rear brake through the corners as it should help hold the bike up
  5. The GS can feel like this if your not going quick enough, not saying you dont go quick :wink: But like speedfreak said when going slower try dragging the rear brake a little...i also tightened up my rear suspension to notch 7, made it feel so much better, have play with it, see how it goes.
  6. it is definetly the weight of the bike . it almost feels like you dont have an option but to lean right in, just gas it up a bit and you will get used to it :grin:
  7. Sweet as, thanks guys!
  8. check your tyre pressures also

    you're on different profile tyres to what you have been used to and the handling is different

    try to find what you like around the 25-35psi mark
  9. Try powering through the corner, that is, do all your braking before you start leaning, and slowly power up as you come out.
    I've only ever owned big heavy bikes with skinny front tyres, and this works well.
    I'm not saying jerk the front wheel off the ground, but use power to unload it a bit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. The recommended PSI for the GS is targeted at a 50-60kg person, i ride 34 in the front and 36-7 in the rear...makes a hell of a difference