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Cornering Course - Phillip Island (Jul-Dec'06 Dates)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Azz, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Not sure if this has already been posted yet?? The July-December '06 dates for the cornering course at PI are:

    Thursday 21st, September - $399
    Friday 22nd, September - $399
    Saturday 4th, November - $429
    Sunday 5th, November - $429
    Monday 20th, November - $399
    Monday 18th, December - $399

    link to the cornering schools at Phillip Island :grin:

    I'm a definite for one of the above dates for this course, just trying to gauge interest and maybe try to book out one of these dates with just Netriders... what are your thoughts??
  2. 20th November looks good :grin:
    I'm sure i could save up enough by then.

    Do you have to be off restrictions to do this???
  3. I don't know if you have to be off restrictions (hoping not coz I won't be) but I'll be calling up tomorrow morning to get more details...

    looking forward to this more than anything on my calendar at the moment :grin:

  4. :shock: my thoughts are that if this happens the pick up truck will be very busy that day. :roll:

    I'm staying well away from this one.

    And you can ride what ever you want, 250, harley i've even seen a goldwing down there :shock:
  5. :LOL: well my cousin owns/runs a pickup truck business... just trying to keep him in business :wink:

    I know you can ride whatever your bike is... but the question was, "are you able to ride there when still restricted", ie. if you don't have your full licence are you allowed to take to the track?!?

    I'm sure you are allowed to... just have to check with insurance to make sure track days are covered, or isn't this considered a track day due to it being a course and not a "ride day"??
  6. We had the Shannons chap in for a talk at church and apparently ride school(i.e. training) is covered under one of their schemes. As far as I remember they didn't cover track days.
  7. It's probably a challenge to fill out a ride school day. From recollection, I've seen between 40 and 60 pupils in attendance.

    I might be up for another school this year, wouldn't mind doing another level 4.
  8. Shannons won't cover me coz I don't fall under their "enthusiasts" category... apparently you're not an enthusiasts if you ride 3,000km a month :eek: :LOL:

    I'll have to check it out with RACV, SWAN etc.
  9. I'd like to know how you go with that.
  10. I'll post up the answers I'm given tomorrow morning when I get off the phone with a few different insurers... but as you said it's a "ride school" and not a track day so I'm hoping most will cover you for it :?
  11. As far as i know no insurance company other than shannons will cover track days :(
  12. I thought the insurance you can get through HRCA will cover track days?? Don't quote me on that but I'm sure I've read it in their mag... I'll be calling them in a few hours as well as others so I'll post up all of the answers as they're given...
  13. Don't you have to buy a new honda to be able to join the HRC??

    If you're ringing around can you give RACV a bell too :grin: [-o<
  14. Nah as long as you've got a Honda you can join HRCA... if you buy a new Honda then you're automatically given a HRCA membership!!

    I'm ringing all the insurance companies that cover us here in Vic, so RACV will be included... I'm interested to hear their responses as I'm looking to change my insurance (currently with Swann) but want to find one that covers "ride schools" and track days if possible?? But I have to find out from HRCA if you have to be unrestricted to do the track days before I bother asking that question of the insurers??
  15. HRCA use Swann
  16. Anyone know how long you usually have to book in advance? Im very keen on doing a few courses (always pays to learn skills and/or advance known ones) but I want to make sure my arm is fully healed before I go.
  17. During winter the spots are usually booked out by 5-7 days in advance.

    In summer months, by up to 3 weeks in advance.

    The Level 1 course usually gets booked out first. Level 2/3 usually remain available for a few days longer.
  18. You might get coverage for ride schools. RACV covered me when I took the Superbike School 9 years back and came off, but I don't think that they still provide that sort of cover.

    For a track-day you'd be pretty lucky to find an insurer willing to cover you. In my experience at track days, I'd say that on average around 4% of riders have an off, and of that 4 bikes in 100, 1 of them will cause serious damage to the bike bordering on or qualifying for a statuatory write-off. Given that between 100-120 riders attend a typical track day, as an insurer, you're looking at almost 1 guaranteed stat. write-off per track day, plus 3 repairables.

    If I were an insurer and insured track days, to be an even remotely justifiable business proposition I'd need to ask for a premium of around 5% of the bike's value for each track day, as well as applying an excess of around 25% of the bike's value.
  19. I have a Swann PDS here and it doesn't say that they do or don't cover for track days. QBE definitely DO NOT cover you, I have their PDS here also.
    Also you do not have to own a Honda or even be a member of HRCA to get their insurance, which is Swann insurance.
  20. :( didn't know that...

    I'll be calling all the insurers on my lunch break, don't have to call HRCA now as I'll be calling Swann anyway...