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Corner advisory speed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxrjames, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the NSW tour. The putty was good fun. Very bumpy in some corners but mostly enjoyable. I loved the ride home through what I think was the old hwy? Very tight and smooth, similar to what I'm used to (black spur, kinglake).

    I've got a feeling the advisory signs are set differently to Vic, can't be certain though.
    In Vic I generally enter a corner at 1.5x posted and exit at 2x.

    On the putty it felt like an entry of 2x was slow... Hopefully I'll get out again soon

  2. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    ^ :D thanks, good to know.

    I think this kinda illustrates my point with advisory sign differences between the states, both at 45kms.

    - Top (Old Pac) you can see the curve/apex of the road and could quite comfortably enter the corner at 80kms.
    - Bottom (GoR) road vanishes, camber changes, no idea whats on the other side... I personally wouldn't be comfortable entering over 65ish unless I knew the road backwards.

    What do you guys think. Am I mad and just being overly cautious with unfamiliar roads?
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  3. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    I think in NSW they get a lot lazier with the recommended signs. You have stretches where every recommended sign is the same speed despite vast differences in the corners while I remember the GOR each sign is specifically picked for each corner.

    I find you sometimes get a bit of boy who cried wolf from the recommended signs in NSW. You go through numerous corners where the recommended sign is just ridiculously stupid and then you hit a corner with the same sign which is far tighter.
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  4. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    No, not overly cautious. As what smileedude said, in NSW they got lazy. You should be cautious anyway until you know the road a little.

    My rule of thumb in NSW is double the speed according to the recommended sign. You should really only do this if you know the road, otherwise taking 10k off doubling it, should save you from any major issues.

    Looking at the GOR pic, I'd take that at 90 or even 100 no problems.
  5. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    Dont know about the 25 kph hairpins,I treat them with respect.I doubt Galson Gauge would handle 50 kph,well maybe on a Motad using both sides of the road..
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    most 25s I'm aware of could be happily taken at 50, I generally do then conservatively at around 40

  7. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    My rule of thumb on speed advisories is treat the figure as if it was mph not kph. A bit less than double the road speed and it usually leaves a good margin for error, especially if you need to change your line mid corner.

    Being old-ish and having owned cars that only displayed mph, I find converting kph to mph and vice-versa to be quite instinctual.
  8. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    Galston corners are all 5km/hr pretty sure, basically a 180 turn while steepish uphill/downhill!

    edit: i could only be bothered checking one: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?q=ga...d=BZ_weuVF4YtOwiMGYqnhrw&cbp=12,55.62,,0,9.84
  9. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome


    You're exactly right! There's a gentle bend on the Jamberoo Road that's signposted at 45kph; some of our more serious people could certainly do it at that +110, I'm sure.

    The advisory signs on the Ten Mile are pretty consistent, at least, although there is one 45kph corner that is a lot tighter than all the other 45kph corners.
  10. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    I wonder if there has been many crashes because of this. Someone slowly speeding up through the corners and realising they can take a 45 at increasingly higher speeds, then hit the one where the reccomendation is reasonably close and come unstuck. I would imagine it would be a big trap for new and interstate riders.
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  11. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    I learned to ride in the Ten Mile nearly 40 years ago, and I can definitely agree with that; the corner in question is near the top end as you are heading north, by the time you get there you CAN get to be believing your own publicity....
  12. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    And of course the cops would put down an accident was caused by the rider going too fast, and even the rider would believe that and forget about the earlier corners.

    I wonder if this is worth splittng off into another thread?
  13. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    would work for me, it IS a separate subject
  14. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    good idea....i dont know about everyone else but i dont look at my speedo prior to setting entry speed

    btw some of those 35kph marked corners are quite blind, as someone has already stated corner speed is set by the amount of vision you have in the corner at that particular speed (5sec i believe) not by how fast your particular vehicle can travel through the corner
  15. Re: Monthly Putty Run - All Welcome

    +1! As a rider, are you prepared to trust a third party to determine your speed (2x or not)? If you can't see it, you don't know.
  16. How about this one. Coming up Arthurs seat, advisory speed set at 15km/h.


    I couldn't count on both hands how many people I've seen blatantly ignore that posting from that point, get about 30m further up the road and see this.


    Then hammer on the anchors and still end up half out on the wrong side of the road, bike or car. Point being take caution with setting your speed based off those yellow signs, no good lying in a hospital bed saying 'but I followed the advisory sign rule' after you stack it on an unfamiliar road from your own negligence.
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  17. Some points off the top of my head...

    Next time you've got some free time go to the local library, proceed to the the "Great Works of Fiction" section and there you will find the Advisory Corner Speed Sign Installation Manual.

    All corners are different. Once you've realised that, the world will be a safer place.

    All corners are different even though you know the road. Unless you can replicate your speed, weight distribution, braking, line, tyre pressure, road temp, surface moisture, surface condition exactly compared to the last time you took the corner then consider it a new experience.
  18. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys go when you ride on roads that don't have advisory signs.
  19. Then you just double the speed sign yah? Obviously no danger if no sign, let the hammer down!