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Cordless Phones - Which one to buy??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Hey all;

    Quick question, I have to buy a cordless phone tonight for the house and justed wanted to hear people's experiences with different manufactures and features etc.

    My sister's one was constantly flat and had shit voice quaility but I suspect that was a dead battery from living in the charger its entire life.

    What are the best units to go for? What transmission medium? 2.4GHz? FM? UHF? I know the wireless at home (2.4GHz) struggles to make the lenght of the house so the signal strenght is a concern, however the router is at one end of the house.

    Units with one or two handsets? Anything else I need to know? Any thoughts on ones that are skype or something?

    Thanks heaps

  2. If you are running wireless internet you may find that 2.4GHz will interfere with the signal. That has been my experience
    Go for 5.8 Ghz at least.
  3. I got one u can have for a fiddy, its practically brand new only had it 2 months ...( i canceled my landline last week YEAH thats right Telstra! Who's laughing now Mo Fos!!!)

    other than that i dont know jack about the phones...Mine worked well outside, id have it in my pocket and could walk around using it outside....
  4. Doesn't matter which phone you buy just make sure you keep your old plug in phone somewhere you can get to it easily (or plugged into a spare wall socket) as cordless phones don't work during power failures seeing they need electricity to work but older plug in phones work from the "Common Battery" at the local exchange.
  5. panasonic phones are fantastic, paid 299 for mine ages ago, still going strong and crystal clear, 5.8ghz ofcourse
  6. bought this several wks ago: uniden dss8955+1

    happy with it thus far.

    had an older panasonic(2.4ghz) which was shit! dsl would interfere with it.
  7. thanks heaps guys and girls. :)
  8. They are all shit!!

    except for the B & O that we got. That thing rawx.
  9. Hopefully you got a good one, Browny.

    We have a Panasonic "Gigarange "Supreme".

    It has:
    • 4 handsets (one on the base, three remotes).
    • Runs at 5.8 gig. Works for up to 100m away.
    • Has spoken caller ID.
    • Can copy phonebooks from handset to handset.
    • 3 mailbox digital answering machine.
    • Speakerphone on handsets.
    • Socket to have a headset connected.
    • Belt clip for handset. Missus uses this feature when chatting to family when prep'ing dinner.
    • Intercom between handsets.
    It cost us over $300 when we got it 5 years ago. Our model's no longer made. Not sure what the current range is like.
  10. Do any of them support a BT headset?
  11. I've had Telstra branded, Uniden and Panasonic cordless phones. Panasonic was the best out of all of them. There's some tips up above for which one to get.
  12. I have a Uniden thingy that links into Microsoft Messenger on my computer. Seems to be ok, although like most things like this, I have no idea how all the features work :LOL:.
  13. As someone that installs, phones systems and cordless phone that sales people sell. eg we get to see a lot of crap , and customers ask us to just add their old cordless phone in the set up.

    Look at what area you want to cover, what is there already in your spectrum .

    We do every thing from hi end multi base station set ups, to plug this older cordless in to a new phone system .

    I would be sticking to pasasonic, or uniden, in the 5.8 range, as they do work well , not only in the range but clarity.
  14. Cheers all... haven't managed to pick one up yet, that job has been delayed to this weekend I suspect.

    Bluetooth support Vic? Is that lazy or what??!?!??! :rofl: you want bluetooth for your cordless phone in your house? I don't want to guess what for............ :?
  15. Yeah why not? I use the mobile at home with a BT handsfree kit.

    I'll show you how/why in 3 weeks sweety ;)
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  17. Love it ;)