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Corby Guilty! (QotD would you think she is innocent if.....)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, May 27, 2005.

  1. I know this is off topic, but very much in the news

    seeing the verdict of Schapelle Corby, I thought I'll ask this question.

    now, I think she is innocent but will do lots of jail time.

    If she was a middle aged man, balding and overwieght, would people still think she is innocent?
  2. It's not her innocence that people are questioning. It's the differences in ours & the Indonesian legal systems.

    If she was tried here, the onus would be on the prosecutors to prove her guilt, whereas in Indonesia the onus is on her to prove she is innocent. Something which she has (apparently - I wasn't there & so can't say for sure) failed to do.
  3. exactly my point, why?

    I will ask the question again

    If she was a middle aged man, balding and overwieght, would people still think she is innocent?
  4. Yip, think you're right.

    I'm not sure people would change their opinion on her innocence or guilt if she was a middleage man, but it sure wouldn't occupy as many column inches.
  5. Personally, I think she's innocent. I base that on the fact that whatever else Schappele is, I don't think she's completely brain dead.

    Smuggling marijuana INTO indonesia just doesn't make sense, the stuff grows by the roadside over there, ther's absolutely no money in it. Asolutely no reason why anyone would intentionally take dope into Indonesia. Now if she were caught leaving Indo with the dope, I'd prolly think very differently.

    I just don't think she's that stoopid.

    As to whether I'd think differently if she were a middle aged balding man, I think i'd still believe he was innocent, but I wouldn't be so keen to get him back to do the inevitable Playboy shoot that we all know is in the offing if Schapelle ever makes it home...
  6. Re: QotD would you think she is innocent if.....

    Nah it wouldn't make people think he was guilty, the difference is that they wouldn't care.......

    Quite sad really :roll:

    The whole thing kind off puts you off wanting to go abroad for your hols doesn't it :?:
  7. It's a very sad state of affairs, but as the their legal system is fundamentally different to ours, she hasn't much hope of getting off.

    These judges have never aquitted anyone of smuggling charges.

    Even in the face of the sheer lunacy of the charges (why would you want to smuggle drugs worth $50,000 in Aus to a country where it sold for next to nothing?) Just look at the 'Bali Nine' - they were smuggling in the 'correct' direction - out of Bali into Aus - where a profit can be made.

    Still the charges remain, and she must prove her innocence, which is next to impossible to do. Let's hope we can bring her home to serve her sentence.
  8. I was watching that thing on Channel 9 or 10 last week about 'this is the evidence that she is guilty and this is the evidence that she is innocent'. Unfortunately, there was no evidnence in that 'investigative journalistic tripe' for want of a better description, to convince me that she was either innocent or guilty.

    Perhaps she is innocent but unfortunately for her the 'story' of her situation (again for want of better words) is the same spin that everyone that is caught carry drugs in these countries. That is, the story of 'someone else put them in my bags'. Admittedly, compared to other cases there does seem quite a considerable doubt as to how the drugs came to be in here possession, what with the Sydney baggage handlers fiasco.

    From her demeanour, she appears very scared of spending a considerable time in prison compared with others that have been caught carrying drugs. For instance the Bali 9 that were caught about two weeks ago, when filmed, appeared to have the attitude of oh..bum we've been caught compared to the terrified/hysterical behaviour of Schapelle Corby.

    In an Australian court I think there would perhaps be enough evidence to have her acquitted of the charges but i have no idea of how the Balinese legal system works and unfortunately if she is innocent she is still likely to spend a considerable amount of time bhind bars.
  9. Yip Novacoder, sad but true.............
  10. there is a big demand for imported cannabis in indonesia, it is far more potent,. therefore money can and is getting made

    invalid agrument
  11. I think you misunderstood my comment.
    The truth is nobody knows whether or not she is innocent. Here in Australia, we assume innocence, and it is this that is the real issue.
    This has very little to do with 'prettiness'.
  12. For those who think she is guilty, just think about how you would feel if they found drugs in your bag that you didn't put there. You know your not guilty, how do you prove it?
  13. thats where I totally disagree
  14. There are two markets for canabis/hash in Bali.

    One is the locals buying local drugs off other locals.

    The other is australians (and other tourists) buying drugs off other tourists, because they are too scared of being caught buying drugs off undercover cops.

    Australian canabis/hash are smuggled into bali to service the tourists. It sells for a higher price than the local stuff, but for the end buyer it comes with a lower risk of the death penalty.
  15. I can see where you are coming from and yes, there have been proven links between prettiness and 'social acceptability', for the want of a more appropriate term.

    But, in this case it is not Schapelle's guilt that is being questioned. It is the Indonesian legal system.
  16. As for prettiness, I don't think anyone would see the problem differently if she was fat, fifty and bald.

    Her looks just get her more attention than most.
  17. how many people here would boycott bali as a holday destination if she was found guilty? I'm hearing a lot of people talk about it, but unless it forces a change in their legal system, i don't know if it would do much apart from bankrupt local balinese businesses.
  18. Good point bablefish. There are a lot of Australians in Indonesian prisons.

    I do think she is not guilty, but I also think the Australian New Idea junkee and Murdock readers are pretty shallow.

    I am a republican but another example in point is the coverage of the Camilla , Charles wedding.

    The media bagged the shit out of it and the public nodded along and when it comes down to it it was because she was not as pretty as Diana. It would have been different had it have been some pretty girl from Tasmania!
  19. I've no particular view on whether she is guilty or innocent. She may be the victim of a mixup by baggage-handlers, or she may have been importing the stuff - as there seems to be a market for it there. I've absolutely no way of knowing which of these scenarios is correct, or whether there's a different explanation.

    Nor do I know a great deal about the Indonesian legal system, but if I were in her shoes I'd be a lot happier being tried under the Australian system...

    As for the media frenzy - of course there's more interest in her because she's female, youngish and reasonably presentable. She can be portrayed as vulnerable, attractive and "girl next door". The media can easily get us involved and fearful ("this could happen to us, or to our sisters, girlfriends or daughters"). Which sells lots of newspapers.

    There's also a sub-text here that's quite interesting - vulnerable white female at the mercy of barbaric foreigners (their jails are horrible, court cases aren't held in English, there's no presumption of innocence, she faces the death penalty...etc). It's the stuff of penny dreadfuls and C-grade movies - and they've always been popular.
  20. That is a phurphy thrown up by commercial media to cover the fact they don't know their knee from their ar5eho1e. The burden of proof is still on the prosecution as it is here.

    As for the dope, it is high-grade heads that are very difficult to get in Bali. Let's not fall into the bleeding-heart club that loves her cause she's so cute...I wouldn't be so sure she's not guilty...and if she is, a country has the right to try her in the local courts as it tries everyone.

    A large problem with her defence is that she doesn't have much. They have only come out with double hearsay and media releases...not much there.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone, it's just there is more to this than is readily seen in the media.