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****** cops!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lord nykon, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. to day i had enough problems my battery died so i had to get another on than on the way home i got passed my another rider so i speed up to keep up with him (of corce) but then a few min down the road he braked suddenly so i did too and there was a cop in front of him then a little further down the road the cop pretend to pull into a side st but pulled out behind us so we sat on 80k's for ten min or so then i turned off cause i didn’t want him sitting behind me but he followed me then decided to pull me over so i stopped on a hill after a corner and he almost got hit twice getting out of his car and it was funny watching him get back in cause he climbed over the passenger seat
    but out of all that i got two $120 fines :evil: one for driving (yes driving) not under the direction of person with open license and one for Lerner failing to display L plates
    so im really pissed off

    Well i get my p's soon then ill be fine :)

  2. Do QLD learners have to ride with a fully licensed companion?
  3. p.s.

    can i fight it or anny thing
    cause its a stupied law
  4. So you were doing somethig illegal and you were fined for it?
  5. The first Fine you will get out of easaly, the second one... Well riding without flying your canaries is stupid.
  6. yes they have to follow us its realy stupid cause my granmar could follow me in her old lady car and it would be fine but i carnt ride by my self

    dont youse have to do that down south??
  7. Nup, get your L's and you're off. Only restrictions are 250cc, and no pillions.

    /probably not a bad idea to bring nanna along on spatula duty.
  8. Bad luck dude, youll have to be more careful in future :wink:
  9. I've got a few friends you are cops and they dont care if i ride without my L plate. Some cops are just on a power trip-usually fresh outa the academy
  10. Well, mate, it's hard to be sympathetic when you knowingly broke two laws which are directly related to your status as a learner.....
  11. how can i got out of the first fine????

    (ide rather spend my money on my bike then give it to the cops)
  12. I don't reckon you'll get out of either. Suck it up pal, breaking laws is a risk vs reward proposition. You just got bitten by the risk. Learn from it.
  13. ^yep, sucks that you got caught, but if you break the law and get caught, that's just another something you're going to have to learn something from.
  14. i know but its eather ride my bike to school and get there in 15/20 min or catch the bus and get there in an houre and same on the way home so im kinder thinking that itrs worth the risk well at least i did till i got caught
    (also on the way home i have to waight at the school for 1/2 an houre too)

    and one of my uncles is a cop and he said that they usualy let you go with a warning
    but the cop that got me lookd like hed only just got his badge so he was a little over zellous
  15. Maybe plonk the L's on and stick close to responsible-looking cars!
  16. i think i might try that
    but all the cars go too slow around the corners :(
    well ill put up with it till i get my p's i gees
  17. Your uncle the policeman shouldn't be 'encouraging' you to break the law by downgrading your expectation of punishment...
  18. #19 Coconuts, Feb 9, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, 2014

    copper was doing his job, i dont get the problem :?: its not like he did you for anything you DIDN'T do.... cop it and learn from it :wink:

    oh, and why is it a stupid law???

    the rest of us have to have a driver with us in the car while on Ls and we cant get out motorbike Ls till we're 18. consider yourself lucky that you're even on a bike at that age, most of us were just riding dirt squirters if anything at all at 17.
  19. Bad luck lord nykon, I found the story funny though :LOL: