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Cops with mobile radar... This can't be right?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lectre, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Thought I might share a little tale which happened on friday public holiday. Long read; my appy-olly-gies;)
    I'm in Brisbane btw...
    I went for an early morning rollerblade, and went down the series of hills (given terrace) which takes me to the brisbane river, so I can continue into the city along the river (very pretty bike paths there).
    I spot a person who I instantly assume is some university student that has set up a camera ontop of an overpass (Hale street is the street which goes "Under" this bridge). I was curious so I asked what he was up to... I then notice the CB radio on his shoulder. He was in a pair of rugby shorts, with a jumper on. He responds to me "I'm a police officer, and I'm gunning people with my radar".
    I say "oh right... sorry mate. I thought it was a camera"
    he says "yes, it has a camera on it"
    I say "So do these photos actually get used in law proceedings?"
    "Yes they do" he says.
    I was a bit confused as I'd never seen a mobile speed camera outside of a vehicle (usually a landcruiser 4x4).
    So I continued down hale street a bit further, which is where I see a ton of uniformed police pulling people over (must have been a great revenue generating day for them).

    So, after all of that he was taking radar measurements for police down the road, not for actual prosecution with his camera.

    Now I've thought on this for a bit, and I'm hoping that the more legally erudite folks amongst us could provide some insight; because as far as I was aware the police radar must be on the same "plain" as the vehicle which is approaching it. But in this situation (which is policeman on top of bridge, tracking cars which are travelling DOWN HILL underneath him) surely it means that the closer the car gets to the policeman, the more inaccurate his radar measurement would become? I know, in this situation the radar would be registering less km/h than their actual speed, but as far as i was aware the police radar readings ARE REQUIRED to be as accurate as possible, hence taken from the same level as the travelling car.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I travel that way pretty often, but I am yet to see a police lookout on any of the overpasses above Hale St.

    Usually what they do if you are travelling southbound (down the hill) is pull you over near the Milton Rd exit. I always assumed they had a spotter w/ radar at ground level to do this; maybe I haven't noticed a guy on the bridge before?.
  3. Yep, the guy was on Caxton St. Overpass, and the cops were pulling them up on Milton road offramp. He was none-too-friendly either.
  4. Sounds a bit coincidental, and like the guy was playing you.
  5. The amount of error in that is negligible
    at a bridge height of 5 meters, if the car was 500 meters away, by the time it gets to 400 meters on flat ground, the difference in distance travelled at the elevation of 5 meters, is lucky to be 1cm. If anything, they are doing us a favor, as the car gets closer to the bridge, it is more and more in our favor (if you are a speeder) to an amount of 40% at a distance of 5 meters.

    Anyway, at bridge height, it is less error than what you get on your car speedo straight from factory anyway. And no one is gonna fix that either.
  6. I'd say its accurate and that cops could refer to the cam's photos when necessary.

    And I'd like to paint my tools red with most of them...

  7. From this webpage: http://www.roadsense.com.au/latest.html

    Towards the4 bottom of the page.......

    The book also states. "Cameras should not be set up on or near an overpass, or facing an elevated adjacent road that may carry traffic past the extended speed camera radar beam.

    Gospel? Who knows!
  8. that's talking about having traffic crossing the path of the laser/radar beam. Not the same as (what i perceive to be) the OP description of the chap on the bridge.
  9. let's see, the static speed camera on the Spit in Sydney is on a flat, level road, right??

    of course not, it's on a long downhill

    If they want ya, they'll get ya, and since they make the rules, you've got no chance of fighting it.
  10. It would be a HUGE money day for the police. But I don't mind that at all. Sooooo many idiots fly through that part of brisbane, maybe that will slow a few of them down.
  11. so do you pople really believe the police get the money from fines?!

    it goes to state coffers. police dont even get a cut
  12. Police, state government, doesn't matter, they're still "The Man". :evil:
  13. :WStupid: As if a speed camera is going to fix that. :roll:

  14. The approach to the "radar area" on Hale Street is a significant downhill (IE at bridge level where the cop was, if he looked directly horizontal towards the road where he is scanning, the road starts above him about 200m away). The road also continues to flatten out (albeit never quite making it to flat) as the road progresses underneath him.

    I totally know it's to the motorists advantage in that the speed registered on the radar would be less, but they still can't say "this is the EXACT speed you were doing".

    I still think that they <laughs> should, <continues to laugh> play fair with us (oh wishful thinking, how I miss thee)
  15. Why not? So if people know that there is a camera there they won't slow down? Are you just trying to stir or do you genuinly believe that? In my experience every bloody person on the road seems to drop their speed 10k below the limits as soon as they see a radar... For that stretch of road, which is pretty crazy, I think more police presents would be great. Do you know the piece of road that is being referred to?

    Of course I am aware the police don't get the money, it was a generalisation. Police= whoever gets the money..
  16. I'm just stirring a little bit, but the main reason for my post is that: "speed cameras slow down people and save lives" mentality that "the man" is trying to get into the mind of the general public.

    Have you counted how many threads are in NR and any othe motor enthusiastic's forum on the net that refers to flick plates, flash activated laquers to burn the plate number on pictures, electrical tape to convert the letters and numbers?

    I mean come on, that is happening everyday and the ones that speed are the ones that use those tricks and a stupid revenue raiser speed camera is not going to stop it.

    Speed cameras don't save lives or prevent accidents.

  17. I have to agree with above statement, The Police here in Cairns are going mental about the amount of speeders they have caught over the Easter break (both Bikes and Cars) and some of the speeds have been very impressive I think the best was 160 in a 60 zone or something like that, They have said this is the worst/highest number of speeders they have ever caught.

    But we have the lowest accident count in many years and no deaths in far north Qld again for the first time in many years.
    So by that logic, speeding may not the big nasty monster that the Police and the Pollies say it is!?!?

    Say it aint so!

    I accept that the Cops and the pollies want to fine us for driving over the limit, but for christ's sake do it in appropriate places, put the Camera out side of a School or shopping centre, put the guy with the speed gun in a residential street.

    The logic of placing a speed camera on a perfectly straight piece of road with 3 lanes and no houses/schools near by to me is just F**ked! it is just revenue raising in it's purest form.

    The day we see some fines handed out to people who drive to slow, drive unsafe/unroadworthy cars or bikes, Morons who live in the right lane blocking traffic and holding everyone up because they think it is the right thing to do!, Speed Cameras used for things OTHER than simple revenue raising, Etc Etc.
    Speeding is not unsafe (within reason), untrained drivers/riders are unsafe.

    Every K over is a killer according to our pollies! Bullshit!