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Cops targeting Bikes - VIC

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought it would be of some interest to those of you in VIC.

    Today myself and another biker were pulled over by two officers on motorbikes that were parked on Chapel St today.
    Our licences, bikes and rego were thoroughly checked.

    After speaking with one of them, he told me that there is a new task force targeting bikers especially lane splitting/filtering on the freeways!
    He mentioned something about bike fatalities were up and quite a few L & Restricted bikers have been found to be riding bigger capacity bikes.

    Then about 10 mins later i find a police car behind me and after about 200m, was signalled to pull over. I told them that their brothers in blue had just pulled me over up the road but they still checked my licence etc.

    Most who know me, know that i've had a run of bad luck with my licence but for the first time, i didnt get in trouble! Woohoooo :woot:
    Weird though, i knew i hadn't done anything wrong but i still got a tad scared... ( i know i can be a wuss at times ) hehe

    Safe riding
    -Jamie :p
  2. Thanks Jamie. :)
  3. Cops are always down in Chapel street these days, and seem to be always targeting bikes. You don't need to have done something wrong to get into the sh1t with them now, it would seem.
    Thanks for the heads up about the freeways. I rarely use them anyway, and it would seem that there have been a LOT of bike crashes on the Monash lately, so maybe they've got a point.
  4. damn.. monash fwy is my fav road.. and i forgot to bring my wallet today

    thx for the head up tho
  5. yep, ive been targeted and have been pulled up 3 times in the last 2days... In Hoppers Crossing, Footscray and brooklyn....

    Was told they sick of people on bikes doing the runner...?
  6. Three times in two days, and twice in the space of a fifteen minutes is not targetting bikes, that's just plain harassment.
  7. harrasment alright....but what can you do?
  8. Agree :evil:
  9. Damm

    Double Damm

    Thanks Jamie, will keep my eyes like lightening.
  10. ...um... I'd better finally put that rego sticker I paid for last month on my bike then...

    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  11. I wish the TAC would mail me my L's license. I mean, i've been waiting 5 weeks already.
  12. You should have your paper temporary license?
  13. It's only harrasment if the same coppers pull you over each time. If you get pulled over more than once it's just plain bad luck unless you stand out from the crowd you should be OK.
  14. No worries about the heads up kids, its always nice to keep the biker comradery alive plus i have a few mates *cough* Steve *cough* who really need to keep there eyes out :p lol

    Hahaha yeah i've had mine in my pillion seat for months and i just keep forgetting to put it where it should go so when he went to check, i though shit, but alas my memory served me well remembering where it was so i handed the gentleman a lovely piece of weathered rego sticker hehehe...

    Thats right girlfriend :LOL:
  15. Nah, it's still harassment...I don't go to Arthurs Seat anymore because of the time I was checked in the car park (by Mr and Mrs Nice Cop) and then again 50m out of the carpark by a tosser and his two mates masquerading as coppers. So what's that, 5 of them within 100m of each other. And they wonder why respect is something that seems a little hard to come by....

    I am sure that before they pull you over they check the rego of the bike on their pooter. Is that correct?

    Jamie, what was the washup of that whole licence suspension? I know you were seriously concerned about it a few months ago.
  16. Hehe Hey cejay, long time no see!!!!!
    Umm well, i had to postpone paying the fine for as long as i could as i needed my licence for work. I expect to receive an order in the mail some time soon... hehehe lol

    Meh, what can i do? *shruggs* Life is too short to worry about trivial things... (I probably wont be saying that when i'm suspended though :shock: :LOL: )
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  18. Harassment...rubbish. It is focused enforcement caused by the minority of a particular group making a bad name for everyone. The cops are reacting to the bad behaviour of some riders. They don't just wake up one morning and decide that they are going to pull Police off other duties to go and beat up on riders today.

    As the cops said, the crash statistics are up, L+P riders are being caught more often riding beyond their restrictions and riders are doing runners. Sounds justified to me. If you ain't doing nothing wrong then you'll be on your way real quick. And if you get pulled up again 15 minutes later by a different cop then that is just the luck of the draw.

    I got RBT'd twice in two days. Does that make it harassment? No. It was just that I happened across two RBTs in quick succession and the way the traffic panned out, they had room to wave me in.

    Sounds like more rider victim mentality to me.
  19. I'm with you, Rob....it's moved from the kitchen bench to my bag and now it's on the couch :roll:
  20. And what was that quote from a "Plod" about "I'm a member of the statewide task force, and I know you don't etc..."

    Maybe someone should tell Mr Jnr Plod that his bosses know what is going on just a little bit before the "troopies"........ :grin: