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VIC Cops: Register of Inappropriate Associations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by _joel_, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. VICTORIAN police officers will be forced to declare any social contact with criminals under a directive the police union says it may challenge in court.

    A register of "inappropriate associations" will be introduced at the end of this month in response to evidence that police and civilians who work for the force are being drawn into corrupt behaviour after social encounters with criminals.

    Assistant Commissioner for ethical standards Luke Cornelius said the policy was about relationships that occurred outside officers' normal work duties - not criminal informants or other contacts that arise in the course of doing their jobs.

    "It might be that they find themselves as a member of a football club or on a local cricket team's board, and they find that they're regularly having to interact with someone they believe might be involved in criminal activity," Mr Cornelius said.

    The policy, he said, would help the officers manage the risks of such situations.

    But the Police Association says it fears the register will be an intelligence-gathering tool for the Ethical Standards Department. The union has written to Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe to protest, saying that the move would probably be shunned by police.

    "Among the concerns was the probable lack of member acceptance on what will be a major intrusion," the letter said.

    It hinted at possible legal action, saying the association believed the policy violated Victoria's human rights laws.

    Under the policy, all 14,000 employees of the Victoria Police will be required to report any relationship they have with someone they know is involved in unlawful activity. If they fail to declare an improper association, they will be in breach of the police disciplinary code.

    After each declaration, a program will be put in place to help them manage the relationship.

    Mr Cornelius said police intelligence had shown that organised crime groups actively sought out police in a social context to help their cause. "It's a key vulnerability for us," he said.

    The register would also ensure officers declared relationships with police dismissed from the force.

    In the Office of Police Integrity's annual report last year, police who resigned from the force while being investigated for corruption were identified as being major influences of corrupt serving officers.

    "The policy allows us to be alerted to and direct members in the management of contact they may have with disgraced former members," Mr Cornelius said.

    He said that several serving police had associations with outlaw motorcycle gangs, which were believed to have been among the most active organised crime groups attempting to befriend police and public servants with access to confidential information.

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    about time you underbelly mexicans caught up with the rest of australia! :p :p
    seriously, do you reckon this is related to South Australias new found tough stance on bike clubs? :grin:
  2. That is awesome, I am dumbstruck :shock:
  3. fcuking hell, my mate is a copper and he plays footy for two teams. He will have to list half the bloody footy teams and what about his mates who he doesn't know are crims? Will he have to access our files to see if it is OK to be mates with one of his kid's friends parents? What is the definition of a crim? Is it anybody with a record? What about people who are not in the system?

    This system sucks, there are so many loopholes and IMO an invasion of privacy. :roll:
  4. Bye bye Hubie... he can't be consorting with lane splitting NR's then.... the "management program" would be a rather onerous one I'd say if he declared each one he was aware of...

    Seriously, WTF?!
  5. Anyone given exceptional powers should also be exposed to exceptional scrutiny. Without scrutiny, corruption is inevitable.
  6. How are they supposed to know? Even if they suspect that one of their new found friends, team mates. friend of a friend, whatever, is a bit lets say dodgy, they are not allowed to use their own LEAP database to check up on them anyway without fear of the sack! The government can't have it both ways! Maybe they should apply the same standard to politicians!
  7. I can think of a certain female politician who that could apply to considering she is the biggest hyppocrite when it comes to accountability.
  8. well, I'm glad that my highly biased opinion wasn't so different to you guys. all they will achieve is dissent amongst the ranks ;)
  9. Thats okay, because once we get rid of all the Police the OPI can get out and do all the work! They have guns and all now! Wonder if they will ask for fast cars next? After all some of those coppers drive fast cars (and bikes!!!) and how are they going to keep up? Those Enfield 500s are bloody quick!