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Cops really put a damper on riding near the city, don't they?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Got about 3 minutes away from work, realized I forgot my Kindle on my desk, decided to go back for it. Do a quick turnaround on St Kilda Rd, head back towards the CBD. Cop sitting in traffic ahead of me and kept looking at me in his mirror like he was daring me to filter past, so I had to behave all the way from the Arts Centre to Flinders St, which is possibly one of the most ****ed up areas I've ever seen in terms of traffic management. Whatever left of the bell curve genetic throwback jizzmop laid that out should be crucified in front of people who work in that field to set an example.

    Anyway, what should have taken 3 minutes ended up taking 12… ugh!

    This rant brought to you by Alpinestars, and their cosponsor, AGV.

  2. Only marginally better than yours.
  3. You went back to the office to get some firewood?
  4. Well i just came back from QLD today...landed at 3PM and had to go straight to work...
  5. We have a WINNER!
  6. work was hot and horrid :)
  7. Dreadful, just dreadful. Sunbury to Sorrento via Arthur's Seat/Redhill etc, lunch at Sorrento pub, over to Queenscliff, wander back via Anakie/Bacchus Marsh. And the new Cool Vest works just fine.

    Dreadful day :angel:
  8. ordinary, in nowra now 3 weeks, bikes in melbourne, be back in a week and a half and driven some absolutely fantastic roads, that look like they have been made for 2 wheels. Ah well at least I brought the SAAB up so I have a decent car to do twisties in.
  9. Indeed! I've converted the bike from coal to wood-fired.
  10. You sad, poor bastard. How do you cope?

    (incidentally, if anyone wants to show me some of these nice roads some day, I'm game :rofl: Being a relatively recent import to the area, I only know about the spurs and the GOR)
  11. Are you a Ulyssean? If you are, I'll be leading the same ride on 21st Feb :)
  12. Oooooooo, steampunk....
  13. Like this?

    (Actually it's charcoal - but that does come from wood - but it probably has a damper being steam powered... :))

  14. I decided to show the cops I didnt give a freak when I was courier riding in the CBD. Turns out overtaking with a yellow tram line isnt cheap. Thanks to the Cops doing it hard in the marked V2 Monaro!