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Cops on group ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Red Dragon, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. I was just returning my backhoe to depot this morning and while driving up Mcintyre Rd a large group of about 25 cops on bikes went passed me,on way up to the hills, for training ride I guess,I was 10 mins away from getting on my bike and was wondering what they would think if i tagged along to see what they get up to,but was too late and didnt find them when i bolted up the N E rd,

  2. Pity that, from what I hear, tagging along with the coppers can be a great way to bone up on roadriding skills. A mate followed a couple up through the yarra ranges and stopped afterwards for a chat. Said it was fantastic.
  3. A ride with the boys in blue, some how I think I would loose my licence if I ever tagged along. :)
  4. Be pretty rough getting done for speeding while matching the coppers! :shock:
  5. Looked like they had 3 or 4 experienced in leathers and about 20 in overalls,could have given em some practice for chasey chasey :)
  6. :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :shock:
  7. :-k you could volunteer to help them with their training :twisted:

    [EDIT] didn't see this post... +1 for the chasey chasey :cool:
  8. Yer I saw then as well but thought better of playing chasey only because I want to keep my licence and some of them dont have a sense of humour
  9. Maybe Netrider or specific groups could approach the local cop stations and suggest a ride out with a fe coppers to promote some good rapport with the boys/girls in blue.

    If done the right way it could be a good thing.

    Might even see if we can out together something like this in Newy.

    Good thinkin boys
  10. Yes ,that has gone through my mind all day since I saw them,could show them that we're not all idiots and respect goes both ways,:)
  11. count me out, my sometimes overwhelming need to be a smartarse would see me walking to work :LOL:

    good idea though for those with self-control ;)
  12. yeah i saw them ride past my work on marion road would of been a good bunch of 20 ro so,

    was rather curious to wat was going on..

    practice rides hey.... wonder if they practice high speed riding in the hills....
  13. They do have their own group, I won't put the name up, it consists of Fireys, Ambos, and the Poleez. From what I'm told, if you ever get to hook up with them, you can do your 12 points before you ever leave the burbs. Unfortunately, I've lost my connection with them. Bummer.
  14. What do you mean you can do your 12 points?
  15. Figure of speech. (no, you will not lose your points)
  16. Maybe it could be a new job for you mate with all your connections around sleazy mayfield you could work with the cops as a snitch... oh wait all those shady characters know you but you dont know them hmm that wont work real well
    This is a god idea any one know where the bike cops work out of in newcastle ? presume they would be highway patrol or similar not general duties around the city !
  17. For sure. Yarra Glen up here some weeks ago was invaded by the police and there were pursuit cars a plenty, though when I was there I didn't see the bikes. They were there specifically to train at high speed pursuits according to the police I spoke to.
  18. ive tagged up with 2 cops on bikes awhile ago when i was on my p's. they were speeding so i just kept up with them. finally we got to a set of lights and one of them stopped and waved me up, i was thinking we are going to have a friendly chat...not exactly. he informed me it was a 70km/h zone and for X amount of km's i had been speeding. i replied back saying i had not known the speed limit and seeing that you guys are officers of the law, i assumed id be safe. he advised me they were speeding to enforce the speed limit and suggested i should stick to the speed. hahaha
  19. As far as I know and some one may correct me emergency vehicles being fire ambo or police can't go above the legal speed limit, especially not to entice people to speed I think and some one correct me the only time the speed limit can be exceded is with a police car in pursuit of high speed vehicle and even then they are in constant speed update contact with radio. Should have took there rego and reported them for speeding with out emergencey lights on deep water
  20. They shouldnt really be speeding without their lights and sirens on.