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Cops love me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Donshe, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Or thats what Im led to believe anyway. We came across some of those "Your Speed is ..." digital billboard things and decided to see what sort of numbers we could bring up.

    After the first pass, did a u-ie to try again, going past the 2nd sign I didnt notice it so was pretty down that I didnt get to gun it properly. But was even more down when I saw red in my left mirror and blue in my right.

    Got let off with a warning :D Goes to show there can be some decent ones too !
  2. Those cops DO have better things to do ;)
  3. Ha ha! They certainly do. But they do love booking people too. Especially along Old Windsor Rd. Your a lucky boy Donshe!
  4. Yeah I was pretty stoked ! Im not sure how bike stuff works, especially with L's, but I know that in a car it would've been something like 6mths off + 1.6k !
  5. holy crap? how bad was it? i was photoed doin 100k in 80k..
  6. i've been pulled over doing 85 in a 60, also let off with a warning.

    the thing about cops having better things to do down in southwest sydney is probably pretty true.

    thanks Mr cop.
  7. i envy you.
  8. oh that's funny!

    what's stopping you from putting a big sign on your pillion seat that shows your speed?

    good onya for getting out of it.

    stump it up! :cool:
  9. Some cops do have more important places to go. On my way home last night I pulled up at a red light. Someone in a ute was next to me. The right turn arrow went green and he decided to go straight ahead. The car coming from the opposite direction and turning was a police car. They waited for the ute driver to go through the red light then continued on their merry way. I was surprised that the ute driver didn't get chased/booked by the police officer.
  10. yeah i don't think my speed couldve been any more obvious to them as it was on a big sign in bright orange lettering...

    oh, seems these guys were just having a cruisey night, had a chat to use for a couple of minutes asking how long we'd been riding, what sort of roads we were doing tonight, how cold it was etc etc

    loki- you were one of the first people i thought about mate, thinking, well fcuk, looks like im joining you !
  11. good! don't join me, keep that clean record until you're 25 and have a full license and the insurance companies stop raping you and you have a few spare points to distribute as you see fit.

    have seen that sign. have been tempted. :D
  12. Most of the time, when they let you off, it's because they didn't get a proper speed check on you. They need to follow you for so many meters at that speed to make it stand up in court.

    If you are a smart arse they will book you anyway and hope you don't take it to court.

    Those roadside speed checks wouldn't hold up in court either.
  13. or it was home time
  14. That's true it's hard to get a radar lock on a bike, ask them to show u your speed on there radar gun (not that i promote speeding, or don't do it myself).

    and please don't be a smartass, that's just gonna make it worse. I've gotten away with a couple of things cause i was being polite.
  15. The Hume highway has a radar speed display just out of melbourne heading north. The max speed displays is 117 km/h. Its good to check to see if your speedo is accurate.

    The police followed me today for around 10mins until they overtook. I didn't know if they were following me or just going somewhere. In the end you just overtook. I know in my area there is a policeman that is against bikes so I was worried I was going to be pulled up however I wasn't speeding...
  16. No it's not. Try driving/riding past it a few times in a row, doing the same speed each time - see what results you get. They're surprisingly inaccurate and inconsistent. Really instills confidence in their radar equipment used by the police and the private revenue collectors. :roll:
  17. Actually, the police are under no obligation to show you the display of the radar/lidar, though if you're not a smartarse etc and generally civil they'll usually show you anyway if you want.

    Not that it means much anyway, because if they really want they can false the radar by putting it into stationary mode, driving at the speed they want it to show, and waiting for the beam to hit a sign or bridge. (On the KR10 they can, at least, not sure about the Silver Eagle.)
  18. Those roadside radars are only good for encouraging squids to drive/ride past it as fast as they can to see how high it goes :grin:

    It's a different piece of equipment to that used by the cops, and it isn't calibrated or built to anywhere near the same standard as police radar.

  19. Wrong, no requirement. Commissioners guidlines for Radar and Lidar suggest a lock of 3 secs on the target vehicle, with the patrol speed to be steady in a moving scenario, obviously not applicable in a stationary scenario.
    Estimate speed, it has been responsible for many $$ over the years, and many people have tried to get off through the courts, but not too many do.
    An experienced HWP officer could rely confidently upon his experience and training when issuing a TIN for an estimate speed offence.

    NSW HWP vehicles and bikes have certified calibrated speedo's and 1km/h increments on the dial.

  20. It is quite easy to get a lock on a bike with either a silver eagle I or II, and a Lidar is even easier.

    The trick of putting the radar into stationary mode won't work on silver eagles like it did on KR10's