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Cops latest ploy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Billsy, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Bit off topic, but...ravers beware...cops are giving out yellow cards to ravers to dob in drug takers/sellers in the sleazier part of town...with a $50 reward for capture :wink:...not sure if it`s only ravers or general public

  2. whats a yellow card? i dont understand how this system is supposed to work. would be better if it was purple and orange glow sticks - would be able to spot the dealer a mile off.
    sounds like pure rumor to me :p
  3. ravers are dismissive of police
    they stick out for their own mostly
    when someone gets done, and the cops offer a reduced penalty for being an informer, thats how it works
    has always operated like that

    this would be nonsense i reckon
  4. Mate of mine got asked if he wanted one last weekend by a uniform...turned it down...another guy gad a card too runnin round asking peeps if he could score...quick $50...few more drinks ( or pills) :LOL:
  5. Say there is someone who doesn't like you, or who needs money.
    What's to stop that someone from saying to the
    cops that you were trying to buy? They get $50, you get arrested
    for no reason...?