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Cops do care for kittens PROOF

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. nice feel good story
  3. ****ing hell Takamii.

    This is Netrider.

    ****ing **** scum police probably put the ****ing kitten their first .bastards. Probs gave it to the dog squad to eat the thing.
  4. But they did! ****s
  5. Nice story.

    Cute avatar smee.
  6. :rofl: I wonder who got the job of putting it there in the first place??

    no, seriously, good story, just part of the day for the Police in their thankless job.....
  7. That image has been shopped ... here's the original:


    Step 1: take kitteh
    Step 2: insert into cop car kitteh crusher
    Step 3: yup, got him!
  8. So who's gonna tell [MENTION=14639]smee[/MENTION] he put it in the wrong forum?

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  9. yes good point guilty as charged
  10. Pwned
  11. How much valuable police time do you reckon they spent on that operation? And where can we get more kittens?
  12. It takes 5 of them to rescue a kitten.... Tax dollars at work there!

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  14. I SECOND THIS! Almost as cute as my cat...
  15. So if I stuff a cat up a cop car I don't have to worry about the car for the rest of the day?
    Maybe it will work on speed cameras as well. If you're in a rush just throw the cat at a mobile camera?
  16. what can I say ? - I like pussy

    but the young kittens eventually all turn into mangy old tabbies
  17. Hope it got a good home!
  18. Fair dinkum smee! Whose side are you on?

    You’re not thinking of becoming a cop are you? Or are you one already?

    Curiouser and couriouser.
  19. Your ongoing crackpotedness is what's weird.
  20. :LOL: smee just invented a new word :LOL: