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SA Cops Attend Association Law Protest Ride

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by modern_ninja, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. "Attend" is an understatement... They staked the ****er out and tried to squeeze the life out of it.

    News Report: Channel Ten

    According to the news report, 250 bikers...


    200 Cops and a Helicopter.

    $200,000 was an estimate on the cost (probably a bit conservative IMO). Plus the fact there were 200 cops playing ring-a-ring-a-rosie with a bunch of bikers all day and not out catching real criminals. They also closed a major southern artery for a couple of hours...

    Now, I really don't like how the news report portrays the run as "tying up police resources"... Nobody asked for the cops to be there 1:1...

    I must say though =D> well done to the bikers. 11 defects and 1 arrest for DUI (RUI? :-s) out of all that. Not bad, 5% of the total.

    Just thought I would post considering SA has the strongest anti-association laws in the country (at the moment) and this should fuel the anti-establishment feelings on here nicely :D As well as show what is doing in this part of the country.

    EDIT: Just for clarification, I think this is utter bullshit. I pay taxes for a reason. So the government can enforce decent laws and provide a society that is pleasant to live in.
  2. you really do have to wonder at how much that would have cost and the actual benefit for doing it... absolutely shocking
  3. AssociAtion laws many a tyranny has used it to stifle dissent
  4. Anti Association laws are bullshit and only serve to make criminals of innocent people all because the cops are too stupid to do actual police work. The things that they are worried some bikies do are already illegal with laws in place, if they could actually do there job and arrest people breaking laws they wouldn't need to waste shit tons of money on these stupid shows of force, it's almost enticing a war.

    The funniest thing to come out of the anti association laws is that it has just pushed the clubs together to join, stand up and fight for there freedoms, beliefs and views.
  5. I wish that despicable gang would go back to where they came......and leave the protesters alone.

    Well you can take comfort in the fact that the protesters are being viewed as a threat.
  6. It's not the copper's fault, it's the morons that are responsible for the laws. Of course we vote for those who're responsible for the laws, so it's partly collectively our fault too.

    Anyway, it's moronic that a few citizens on bikers can't legally be together, yet the same people could get together if they didn't have a bike. I don't look at my bike and say 'lets become a drug runner', and last time I checked it wasn't a specific device to facilitate crime.

    If there's a group of drugrunners in some hideout, then they should deal with it, not use the biking community as some cheap political football.
  7. The police are as much to blame in this whole debacle. Its inexcusable to excuse their blatant waste of resources. They can do this because motorcycle riders are a minority. What the police did was pure unadulterated and government sanctioned harassment. I wonder if there’s a law against stopping/closing off that stretch of road.

    How would people react if the police started following normal office workers for the whole day, trying to catch them out for littering.....in keeping with the various litter laws in Australia.