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Cops at Falls Festival do f all for community relations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Just attended the Falls Festival and had a great time, right up until the end when the cops thought they'd fvck it for everyone.

    Yeah now I know cops need to ensure that drunk drivers are removed from the road, but was it REALLY necessary for them to breath test every single car of the crowd of 16 000 that attended the event?? YES, EVERY SINGLE CAR! It caused delays of up to 7 hours, people missed buses, planes, etc as there was one exit which the cops set up with only 4-5 breath testing units meaning traffic grinded to a halt. As we packed up our stuff slowly over 2-3hours, the traffic in our area literally didn't move. It made the ABC news that night and the response from the cops was basically tough sh!t.

    Now the nabbed about 30 people, out of 16000 on new years day that was pretty sh!thouse, like around 0.1% of drivers. I think it was pretty sh!tty of the cops to cause that much disruption for the traffic for such a small haul of drivers, on new years day no less and piss off 16000 people in the process.

    This is the kind of attitude that really gets the public off-side with the coppers, but it was really the tough sh!t attitude that made it worse.

  2. GS, look for my comments on RBTs in general and this event in particular.

    Tell me - what's the tolerance for 05 down in Tassie? Here in Vic you're nicked if you hit 05, let alone exceed it. ie. the real limit is .049999 repeating.

    I wonder how many of those nabbed were just "a little bit over". And how impaired they really were.

    I wonder, next time the police put out a call for public assistance, or where they have a PR exercise to drum up support, say, regarding a corruption enquiry, if the public will support the police in any way? Or specifically, those who were forced to wait to get out of that place.
  3. Police are fcukING revenue raisers and thats all
  4. I have to speak up and disagree with that.

    Yes some decisions seem pretty f***ed up, but many decisions (such as 'lets breathtest EVERYONE leaving the event!') are not made by frontliners who are at least in some sort of touch with the real world, but by office workers who lay down the law and tell everyone else how it's gonna be.

    Give the guys on the front lines a break. They deal with some pretty f**ked up people every day.

    I agree that attitude sounds pretty poor... but then again I don't think they would have wanted to be there either...
  5. What idiots planned such an operation ?? Probably the same ones that designed the Eastlink/Frankston freeway merge.....
  6. surely that isn't as bad as the city end of the eastern.. "hi! your freeway ends here! Now your options are....A.) sit in traffic on Hoddle street, or ... B.) sit in traffic on alexandra parade... They should of upgraded alexandra parade to highway and linked it all to citylink.

    oh my they must of missed that! They could of had tolls at both ends! nm, no one tell them!
  7. While I agree with the amount of time wasting for most of the people attending. Was it worth it? Well at least the cops got 30 drink drivers, the same idiots who could have knocked me or you off the road a couple of km's down the road.
  8. The cops are just doing what 'the man' tells them to do, The cops are doing a good thing - being cops.

    But what if one of those 30 caught actually did hit someone, or even hit you or your family.

  9. It's honestly got me stuffed why anyone would drive, for any other reason than necessity, at this time of year....let alone after a few drinks.
  10. Me too joel, its baffling.

  11. The problem isn't that they wanted to breath test every driver, the problem is that it delayed people for hours because there weren't enough police doing breath testing to do the lot of people in say 30 minutes.

    If the police can't assign adequate staff to do that job properly then they should simply assign more staff or reduce the size of the job (say test randomly every 10th car or so).
  12. As said in the other post, I understand that did a RBT for 20m out of every hour. That still created a delay of over 7hrs. I think it's stupid, not for the result, but for the reaction that they've then got.

    MJT, I don't care if people who blow .05 get nabbed. Drinking and driving is a mix that just doesn't work. To blow .05 you've really got to have had at least more than one drink. If you're drinking, the answer is simple. Don't drive. I don't want to be taken out by someone who was only a little bit impaired. It's bad enough as it is with the way some people drive, let alone someone who's had a few.

    I know for a fact that any more than a couple of beers and my driving would go to shit. I also would hate to have an accident and blow .45, know that technically I was ok to drive, but what if I hadn't had that drink? Could I have avoided it all together?

    We've just come back from Scumbags place and Liz got a RBT on the way. There were 4 cars parked on the median. Some of those might pass the blood test, but some will be pedestrians for a while. And what was at 10.30pm in Lilydale. It added about 60s to our trip. A small price to pay. Mind you, if we'd been waiting there for 60m, I'd feel a lot different (and have had to had a piss as well!).
  13. And the ABC article specifically said that ALL drivers were tested and the police said as much as well (and made no apologies for this).

    They set a limit of .05. Obviously they think that we're OK to drive to that limit, otherwise they'd have a zero limit for all drivers. This may not be a bad thing, either, particularly if you don't drink or don't drink much.

    My point is that those who were nabbed, what level did they blow? Was it just on the limit or was it significantly over? Same for those parked cars near Lilydale. Just on, way over, what?

    This is where the stats are questionable. Like speed tolerances being so low. They go on about all the drivers nabbed for speeding and the newspapers calling them "leadfoots" when most of them are caught doing less than 10 kays over. It proves nothing except that they exceed what most people consider as artificially low limits by a small amount.

    For the record while I like a beer when I'm riding I stay off the grog. Or if I have one it's a light (and usually only one with a meal). If I go down the pub for a few after work I get my wife to drop me off. That way I know I can enjoy a few without having to count them and then if not sure having to leave the car there.
  14. It's common (but kept quiet) knowledge that the 0 BAC limit is gradually being staged into existence. First it was Bus Drivers and Truck drivers, then Taxi drivers and hire car drivers and then P platers.

    Want to guess who'll be next when they get around to it? How about motorbikes?

    There would have been a blanket 0% BAC limit 10 years ago after the studies became common knowledge if the pollies hadn't been afraid of losing too many votes.
  15. From the Mercury Times

    I really have no objection to RBT's. However, there was nothing 'Random' about this setup and it appears to have done nothing but alienate public opinion. The 17,000 people who were delayed have every right to feel aggrieved, given that only 31 people were actually detected (mind you, only 1000 people were actually tested, a pretty appalling result)
  16. On a legal note......wouldn't being detained by police for 7 hours, and then being found innocent of any crime, be close to wrongful arrest / false imprisonment / police harassment ??.
  17. I suppose they could argue that they didn't detain anyone other than the people immediately being breath tested. The resultant delay and traffic jam, they would argue, wasn't of their making.
  18. I think you will find that once you have been place in a line for a breath test you are not allowed to leave that line or even exit your car. All drivers were being breath tested so therefore every vehicle was being detained.
  19. While people where delayed because of the breath tests, I doubt it would be classed as detained.
    Esp since police have the right to rbt any at anytime.