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N/A | National Cops and common sense in the same sentence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mike8863, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Just not in Australia.....

    Found in the Feb 2105 'Fast Bikes" ( english mag )

  2. Brits are 100 years in the future, so our cops might eventually catch up :p
  3. Before Australia could even consider encouraging more motorcyclists they'd first have to roll out speed camera's that take photo's of the rear as well as the front. We couldn't possibly consider safety if it first meant the possibility of revenue loss.
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  4. >motorcyclists make better road users when driving cars

    Can someone link that report? May come in useful next time I want to drive my brother's car (he thinks I rev it too high).
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  5. The big question really is that if biking takes off and Ducati sales increase as a result, are there enough coffee shops around to handle the increase in demand? :wideyed:
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  6. In Melbourne Chilli, No problems. You can't go half a block without the sweet smell of Espresso. The city runs on the stuff. :)
  7. Yup, sure can. I find it funny though, that in the 'burbs a cup will cost you more than in the city in most cases. Anywhere from $3.80 to a whopping $4.50 for a medium cup.
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  8. Some of it is even drinkable.

    Volume of business, I'd guess. Despite the efforts of certain members of society, those uni students serving you do cost money, and it's gotta be spread over those cups of coffee whether they sell five in an hour or five hundred. Plus, y'know, all those other expenses like electricity and rent.
  9. Agreed, but anyhoo - better not hijack this thread anymore I guess...:censored:
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  10. So... doughnuts, then?
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  11. And less congestion needs less money spent on roads. Also less wear and tear on the roads - similar argument with push bike encouragement?