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VIC Cops allowed to chase bikes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zen, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Now this is a rather bazaar thing I've herd, especially after I just coped a rather hefty speeding fine yesterday (especially on my L's) and got the bike taken off the road, but that's another story all together....

    Anyhow I was told by a friend of mine that cops are not allowed to pursuit motorcycles especially at high traffic areas due to the fact that its dangerous, and also it would be the police's fault if the rider was injured/killed and have injured/killed other people in the process.

    It certainly sounds plausible but how true is it? Does it mean if I don't stop the police can't do jack?

    I know there are certainly other ways of catching you such as photographing your plates and such, but it certainly makes it much harder for them to stop a bike if that was true.

    Don't flame the messenger, I'm just here to ask a general question and at the same time hopefully get a good conversation going. Feel free to share your thoughts and play nice boys and girls :wink:
  2. The cops have a duty of care and shouldn't pursuit anyone if it's likely to cause injury or death to the people involved or bystanders.

    Although they may not actively pursuit they still can use all cars available in the area to corner you in, use the helicopter to track you, lay down tyre spikes, make road blocks and use whatever else is at their disposal. If you still get away they can always get your rego and be waiting for you on your doorstep.
  3. Was your bike impounded?

    I'm pretty sure the police would chase you if its safe, however they call off pursuits if its too dangerous. I don't know if there is a special rule for motorcycles....
  4. Long story, its unregistered and the plates were stripped off on the spot :cry:

    I know its my fault for speeding and there's no excuse about it, but man this sucks
  5. No it doesn't. Don't do the crime, if you ain't prepared to do the time.
  6. By running from the law you would have got yourself into more trouble.
  7. Did you say, "Don't flame me?"

    You sound like a d1ck! Pay your rego and stop you whinging!
  8. Not enough money left to pay rego after paying for the foto sesions and use the pictures as avatar in a motorcycles forum :jerk: :-w :-w :-w

  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Took those words right out of my mouth. I believe the site he was really looking for was Adultfriendfinder...but then again no adult would be so stupid.
  11. We recently heard of QLD cops breaking off pursuits when the bikes were doing somewhere north of 250km/hour.

    I've heard Paddy Wagons aren't allowed to pursue above 120km/hour or something like that.

    You're done unless you've got your plates hidden though.

    Only advantage to running [if you can get away from them] is if whatever they were going to pull you over for + evasion is not as bad as what they could get you for if they managed to catch you at the time ie. you're drunk.

    But I can't see many drunk riders having the skill to outrun the highway patrol...
  12. They wouldnt lay spikes for bikes.

    All chases would be different and it is up to the person communicating with the police from back at base to decide if the chase will be called off depending on traffic and weather conditions and probably alot of other things too.
  13. i will start by saying that this is for Victoria...

    when beginning a pursuit the officer relays this via the radio that a pursuit is beginning, they then relay the weather, traffic, speeds etc. Then an independent person on the other end of the radio (away from the emotion) will make the call as to if the pursuit should continue.

    When it gets too dangerous and it is called off the police have to end the pursuit which is defined by doing something similar to turning off lights and sirens, pulling over and coming to a complete stop.

    Also down here we have different classes of cars and drivers, i think they are gold silver and bronze. Gold cars like the v8 commies are unlimited speed limits, the divvy vans are silvers which are 110km/hr and things like the buses etc are bronze which can only do the speed limit. The drivers of these cars must have done training up to these levels, and they can only travel at the slower speed. IE a gold driver in a bronze car does bronze speeds, and a bronze driver in a gold car can only do bronze speeds.

    Finally done something with my degree
  14. Saved me from posting similar but not as detailed info LOL.

    The only thing i would add to that is that there is a difference between a 'pursuit' and the cop just trying to catch up to the offender... they won't always call it in as a pursuit right away. Fine line but they have their fun first.
    ie. a bike zooms past a TMU car doing 200kmh, the TMU guy is likely to do whatever he has to do to catch up to that bike and then if they aren't pulling over will call it in as a pursuit.
  15. Well what did you honestly expect? :roll:
  16. If I'm asking for your opinions other than what in the topic I'll make sure I'll let you know.

    I admit to the fact that I was doing the wrong thing by going over the speed limit, but can you guys honestly say you haven't done that before either in a bike/car? Getting caught in the act is another question all together.

    I was under the false impression that the bike is registered, however the rego hasn't been renewed. It is my responsibility to double check these details when I jump on the bike, but it has been simply overlooked. If only I knew I wouldn't be riding it the first place.

    Calling me a d1ckhead for speeding is perfectly acceptable, however all the other personal insult is uncalled for.
  17. Surely you can't be serious.....
    if you own the bike, you must know if you have paid the rego or not.
    If you have recently purchased the bike, one would think that at the time of purchase you have checked all the details re rego/roadworthy so when you went to Vicroads to transfer it to your name it would all be legit.

    I smell a rat, either you bought an unrego'd bike and failed to check or you did not transer it into your name and in doing so did not recive the rego papers in the mail, either way your a goose.
  18. I totally agree with the comment made previously its your bike so its your fault not to check it has rego, speeding well we have all done it when we were young and some not so young.

    Remember you may get away from a Police car, but you can never outrun a radio :p .

    Learn by your mistakes :idea:
  19. I dunno Caz, every year I get letters like "Your rego is due" and "Your insurance is due" and I say "HaHA! Not right now it isn't. I've got at least 2 weeks to wait to pay those."

    1 month later.

    "WhoopsCrap!..." *urgent phone calls and reciting of Visa card number*
  20. We all put off bills til the last minute, sometimes even til past the due date, BUT....
    we still KNOW we have NOT paid them.