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Cops again

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by taymaishu, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Heading home on Mona Vale Rd tonight.

    Left lane of 3 as I turn left in about 600m.

    I see a car approach from a side street to turn left with our direction.

    I immediately set up both brakes and watch her front right wheel. It starts to roll!

    I squeeze on hard, knowing there is a car right next to me in the middle lane - cant swerve.

    Lay on the stoppers as she pulls out. Feel the bike rake down, squeezing hard but not to lock.

    I end up 2m off her bumper and once settled give a toot. She waves and I shrug it off.

    Approaching intersection and she turns left on yellow, so I stop. Immediately flashing lights!

    I turn around, police pointing me to run the red. I look, all clear, turn left.

    Police overtake me and race down the road.

    300m later they have her pulled over.

    Seriously good work from the plod. Perhaps the L plate helped!

    I know what I could have done better - perhaps been in middle lane until after passing last side street so I have more room if it happened.

    Happy I was still on the ball so close to home. Proves it can happen anywhere!
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  2. It's worth thinking about staying in RH lane as much and long as possible, no one can pull out on you there. 600m is a lot of room to get across to the left.
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  3. A couple of points about your roadcraft. Yes as you say left hand lanes are where traffic enters, when approaching an area where people could come out if you are in the right wheel track of the right lane you get earlier warning, don't know where you were positioned in the lane.

    Secondly is a perception thing, if you are not changing in aspect to a driver you are not seen as moving and not perceived. Moving within your lane will trigger their brain to perceive you. Psychologically human brains are wired against seeing small things as a threat so bikes are at a disadvantage. Doesn't excuse Smidsys though. :)

    Good on you for watching her wheels, lots of riders take a while to learn that trick.
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  4. I agreed with you just to cancel out the disagree, I'm not sure what they were disagreeing with???
  5. Well done on a lot of fronts there OP.

    The point CJVFR made about changing into the lane you need nice and early is a good one and one of degrees/margins. It shows good planning. But knowing that traffic could enter means having a subplan - ebraking for entering traffic - at the ready. You said you had a car beside you so being in the middle lane might not have been an option. It's worth thinking about whether delaying your shift into the left lane, until after there's no more entering traffic, might form part of your plan for this leg.

    Setting up brakes was a great step. When you spot a car looking like it might cross your path, moving around in your lane can help them identify you more easily. Doesn't mean they won't pull out but reduces the likelihood.

    Well done for watching the wheel. And I guess the cops deserve an honorable mention. They would have gone her for failing to stop at a yellow. Hopefully they saw your altercation and gave her a serve for it.

    Now for the all important question... Was she hot? lol
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  6. i've noticed that HOTROD disagrees with a lot of different posts for no real reason as there is nothing to disagree with :/

    the other day he disagreed with a post about kneedragon returning.. idgi.
  7. Hi guys, I am genuinely sorry for the disagree posts I have been putting up. I do not put em up on purpose, and I really have no idea how the got there. I am using an acer tablet and don't understand what I am doing wrong. I am however crap with computers. Just toooo old.
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  8. .............. only in jest Rod ;)

    OP, good to be on your game down MVRoad in rush hour traffic. I detest it with a passion. Too many cameras, too many cops. They quite often park down a side street, walk back and have a speedgun sticking out from behind a tree!
    That and the speed limit there is up and down like a whore's drawers.
  9. Thanks everyone - the tip about being more dynamic in my lane I have taken on; great tip!

    I was centre of lane - buffered even between car next to me and possible pull-out.

    The watch the wheel trick I took in very early as a cager and never left me. Second time its given me a jump on taking action for a car coming out.

    Thanks again - will move around a little more!
  10. Think of a car the same way you think of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. If you're not moving, he can't see you...

    One of them was me - iPhone + fat fingers = pressed the wrong button. Now corrected. Gen Y reputation only slightly tarnished.
  11. Fair enough with the Acer tablet - I can vouch for issues liking/disliking too.
  12. Poor guy he's only been here five minutes and has a bit chewed off the end of his pos - neg bar, as if being grabbed by the throat wasn't enough.
    Keep smiling dude.
  13. best not to sit beside any cage at all and even avoid going past them slowly. Always a SMIDSY merge risk. Otherwise we'll done on the anticipation and effective action.