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QLD Coppers on the western freeway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jlyon9, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Approx 400m after the chapel hill/moggil onramp, inbound to city. About 6-8 of them, 2 highway patrol cars and one bike. They have a spotter further back from where they are calling in splitting bikes. Looks like they will be there for quite some time..

    And yes, this does mean i've gotten another fine for splitting :demon::biker:
    This time it wasnt the "nice" riding outside of marked lane for $80, but "Overtaking when unsafe" for a pretty $140. Edit: also worth 2 points.

  2. I was ALMOST tempted to pull up and ask them whether they are booking the idiots who continually run up my arse on the bike in stop start traffic because they are either texting, or fiddling with their radio or just plain not paying attention.
  3. I think its time to ramp up the fight to make it legal
  4. 200 bikes, bumper to bumper, meeting at springfield at 630, depart at 7. SLOW ride single file all the way to the CBD.

    Other meeting points: Mount Gravatt (or further out), Chermside/Carseldine.

    Whose in? I'd make the effort to go from kenmore to springfield just to crawl all the way back in to prove a point.
  5. 2 bikes side by side per lane along the western freeway 50 bikes deep. 10km/h (sorry to all those dry clutch ducati riders). Should take ~1hr to travel the whole western freeway from mount ommaney to toowong.
  6. Problem with rallies in Australia (and I speak from personal experience organising them) is that most people just care enough to do it. Everyone says they will do it, but when the day comes everyone is busy doing something else.

    If enough people are interested, I will put my hand up to help organise it. I have been meaning to get along to one of the MRAQ meetings lately to help out with this sort of stuff, but I just have not had time.

    To do it, we also need to back it up with some opposition support, and you need to let all media know about it, so it has to be planned 2-3 months in advance.
  7. Oh, and BTW when you organise rallies like this, you cannot break the law (which works in our favour)!!
  8. or instead of side by side you could go staggered in both lanes. takes up more room, but still no way through :demon:

    MRAQ meetings first wednesday of every month (im sure you already know), Wednesdays are PERFECT for me. I'll go along to the next one if youre keen, TRA. Anyone else???
  9. Back to the original post, riding outside of lane is clear and cut, but unsafe overtaking really pisses me off. I know for a fact it is unsafe to sit in bumper to bumper traffic and not split. I do it because i cant afford the repeated fines and the vendetta motorcycle cops seem to have with anyone riding a sports bike.
  10. I still reckon some of this stems from that moron Bruce Flegg who drives his prius to work every morning along the western freeway. *sarcasm may or may not be intended*

  11. Planning to be at the next meeting, which is the AGM. I dont have a lot of spare time, but I will help out where I can.
  12. take it to court.
    "sorry your honour but no police officer was riding my bike on this occasion and therefore CANNOT judge what was unsafe"
    or "the state granted me a license for this vehicle when it was recognized i am capable of judging my own safety"

    i'd be in for that. don't stop at toowong though, push along milton rd and up the ICB/lutwyche rd right up to carseldine. probably take 3 hours.
    but like TRA said, not enough people actually have the testicular fortitude to show up when they say they will
  13. I hate to break it to you, but it is just as illegal to ride up the freeway at 10 km/h as it is to split.
  14. they don't care until you go OVER the limit
  15. Um, yeah, they do. They don't care if you're 5 or 10 under. As long as you're in the left hand lane you can get away with 20 or even 25 under, but trust me, if a group of us start riding up the SE freeway or the Western at 10 km/h, we will be booked for obstructing traffic and if they feel really strongly about it, they could call into play an offence called 'affray' which seems to be whatever the judge says it is, except that it takes about 4 or 5 blokes acting together with a common purpose. That one can carry a surprisingly significant jail sentence.

    I'm not saying don't do it - I'm saying know what the facts are.

    Besides. At the height of rush hour, what makes you think a do-not-exceed-10km/h limit imposed by the motorcycle community is going to make the slightest bit of difference to anything? The gap to the car ahead may grow to 50m on occasion, but it will shrink again, and you will need to put your feet down or fall over a few times anyway ...
  16. Tell that to every motorist who is forced to do 10kph up the freeway every morning and afternoon. I dont think you actually get a choice in the matter.
  17. That's not the same thing, and you know it.
  18. The point is, you ride in peak hour, you will be forced to obey the law by not filtering. This will see you driving well below the speed limit legally like it or not.

    Having run and participated in rallies before (if you have ever been caught up in a convoy of 4wd's and fishing boats you will have seen me at work :p) the police dont do anything about you driving below the speed limit anyway. You would be driving to the conditions at that point in time.
  19. I'll join the ride if something gets organised.
  20. I'll bring it up at MRAQ meeting. There is a problem in QLD though, there is a splinter group called the United Motorcycle Council QLD. Rather than forming a new group they should have got involved with MRAQ. So we need to work out which group is more influential. I would guess UMCQ due to support from bikie clubs?

    I want to have a chat with UMCQ people as well somewhere along the line.